Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Over the Valley, Through the Jungle, Across the Pond...Jesus said Go.

I love what I do. I love my students. I love seeking the Lords heart for my students. I love hearing His heart for my students. I love when I don't have a clue what it is He wants us to do. I believe it is out of this state of desperation that He comes like a mighty rushing wind. I love when He downloads it out of nowhere and you didn't see it coming and it leaves you in a big puddle of a mess because you know it is nothing but Him. Yes, Yes, that is what the summer of 2017 will be for the McLendons.

Jesus. Jesus said Go. We don't always know what it will look like and that is okay, but we do know that He said Go. He said go tell your neighbor about me. He said go tell your classmates about me. He said go to the grocery store and share about me. He said go to the widowed, the brokenhearted, the rich, the poor. Go.

"Going" for the McLendons has had many faces over the past eleven years. This year looks more different than it ever has before, but the impact is one that we are undone by and eternally grateful that Jesus would choose us to lead. If you don't mind, we would like to take a moment and tell you about it - simply to ask you to pray for us! I (Kristin) have the honor and privilege of leading a "get your feet wet" trip to Costa Rica desiring to introduce our students to missions and show them Jesus' heart for when He said Go. We will continue our partnership with the Abraham Project in San Jose, Costa Rica. The Abraham Project just broke ground on Phase Two that will house two new Children's Homes! Please pray for our students that they would fall in love with Jesus' heart for the Nations and they would come into an understanding of their calling in His Kingdom.

Robert is leading a "next step" trip to The Isle of Lewis, Scotland to challenge our students in sharing Christ with those that do not know Him. They will have many opportunities to share Jesus with peers of their own age. Please pray for our students, that they will be deeply rooted in Him as they will encounter peers of their own age that do not know Him - many that are proclaiming atheists or agnostic. 

Please pray protection over both teams. Please pray for unity amongst our teams. We are extremely excited about the plans the Lord has for our Student Ministry as we feel the impact is huge. He is obviously sending us out to two physical places, but the impact that is able to be done in our hearts is even greater. 

We simply write this today to update you to share the stirrings in our hearts and how the Lord is leading the McLendons and to say we covet your prayers. We can not do this without you. 

Below are some pictures of past teams, but the locations of where we are going just to help give you a visual. To stay up to date with the teams you can click here:

It is over the valleys, through the jungles, and across the pond that we go. 
Love, Robert, Kristin, and Jude

RiverStone Youth Scotland Team 2016

RiverStone Youth Costa Rica Team 2015

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Praise the Invisible

(**This blog was written on the airplane out to California before my 26.2. That update coming soon!**)

No matter the run, no matter the distance, "somehow" my "random" shuffle of a playlist plays a Daniel Bashta song as the last song of my run. It blows my mind every time that Jesus even dictates the shuffle! He's so good isn't He? Sometimes it's All Hail. Sometimes it's Like a Lion. Sometimes it's Praise the Lord.

This past week for my last long run before heading out for the big race, it was Praise the Invisible. As I approached the last .5 of my run, the first few notes started playing and tears just came to my eyes. "Praise the Invisible. Praise the Immortal One. Praise God Incarnate, Praise Father, Spirit, Son. For He is God. For He is Holy. For He, Holds the Keys to the grave and Forever He will reign."

I ran that last .5 of my 12 mile run singing and worshipping (pretty sure my neighbors think I'm crazy by now). For He is the only wise and eternal King. He deserves all honor and glory. I finished that last run strong and thanking Him.

Sunday am, worship started and wouldn't you know the very first song we start singing is Praise the Invisible. I sat down right there and wept.

He is in the details. He cares about EVERY LITTLE DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE. He cares about things that bring you joy like running and He heals even when doctors say the opposite.

May you be encouraged today. Know He is God. He is Holy. He is the only wise Eternal King. Praise the Invisible.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jesus, Pneumonia, and a Marathon

I am less than two months past pneumonia and less than two weeks out from my first marathon. According to doctors I should still be hacking up my lungs. I only have one explanation for this and His name is Jesus. On my run yesterday (it was only a 5 miler) I was worshipping and thanking Jesus for this miraculous recovery and was thinking about writing this blog post. Then almost immediately doubt crept in. What if I don't finish. Should I wait till I finish my marathon to write this post. Then almost immediately (again) the word TRUST came to mind. And I just started saying that word over and over again as I ran those laps around the neighborhood (by now I have a good 1mile route nailed down). I trust you Jesus. I 100% believe YOU have healed me.

This journey to my first marathon has not been what I was expecting. I had not expected to have a week in the hospital and a full month of being on bed rest. But if I needed a lesson in the power of prayer and trusting in Him, I got one. I attended our church's Night of Healing Prayer and just wept as our people prayed for me. Begging for mercy and wanting to return to "life".  The next day I had my first full day of not sleeping in the middle of it. Glory be to God.

That next week I slowly began returning to work, and that weekend we had a guest speaker at church. At the end, the Lord used him to prophetically speak into our people. He asked if anyone needed new lungs and I stood as quickly as I could, holding my hands up, believing with everything in me for complete healing from the Lord. Eventually I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by youth that love me and were laying hands on me and praying for me. It is a moment I will never forget. In that moment I was changed and I will never be the same. I became the student and my students became the leaders. The Lord used them to speak life into my body and I became ALIVE.

To Him Be the Glory.

Monday, March 28, 2016


In 2005, I (Kristin) walked into Rev. Bills office and asked him to pray with me for a male influence on our youth group. Four days later he introduced me to Robert McLendon and said, “here is your man, now ask him to go to Costa Rica with you.” Little did we know how prophetic that statement would be and the journey the Lord would have for us. We have now been married for over 8 years and have led many mission trips both together and a part. From Honduras, to Mississippi, to Costa Rica, to Scotland. One thing that has happened is we have both been to Scotland, but never together. Now on this wild journey called the life that we live, in 2016, the Lord is taking us to Scotland, together.

We can not even begin to explain how wild of a ride this has been or the emotions that go into this calling the Lord has placed on us. From those beginning days in 2005, to Robert being in grad school, to Jude being born, to Kristin in grad school, to the Lord opening the door for us to be in full time ministry together, January 1, 2015. To being ordained together on July 19, 2015. We get to spend our days together ushering students into the fullness that God has for them. We are so thankful to Jesus when we couldn’t see what this would look like, He knew all along, and of course it is even better than we could ever imagine.

Scotland is a beautiful piece of this journey. While Costa Rica has captured my (Kristin) heart the past few years, God has made it obvious that we are to step out of our comfort zones and take our students on a not so easy ride. While the Lord stretches them, we are expecting to be stretched just as much, if not more.

We will take a team of 22 to the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, June 1-15. We will be working along side our RiverStone sent missionaries to invest into the lives of children and teenagers on the Isle. We will be partnering with YWAM while we are over there as well. Our greatest desire is to be a blessing to the missionaries-that we would not be a burden, but bring them life, joy, and refreshment in the Lord. We will be doing street evangelism and this will be stretching for all of us-and our greatest desire is that our flesh will die and they will know that Jesus is the One that sent us. Please pray that we will have the spirit of boldness and that we would truly walk out the words of the Great Commission. Please pray for us as we lead this team. It is different than any other team that we have led before. Please pray for unity of the team. The Lord has laid John 17 specifically on our hearts for this team-that we would be One, so that the world may know who sent us. Please pray this would be true of us.

We are writing to you to today to ask you to please join us in praying for these things and of course anything else the Lord lays on your heart. We are trusting for an army of prayer warriors to rise up around us. We thank you in advance for partnering with us.

Secondly, this trip is a huge step of faith. It is more expensive than anything we have ever done, but we are firmly believing that what God calls us to, He will provide. We are believing that our students will see God during this trip as Jehovah Jireh - the God that provides - and He will unlock something deep within their hearts as He does. Cost for this trip is $2500 per person. Would you please pray about partnering with us financially? If you feel led to contribute you may CLICK HERE for the direct link and choose: McLendon Family.

We are so thankful for each of you and the love you pour out to our family. Thank you for being our army.

Love, Robert, Kristin, and Jude

Follow the journey:  http://youthinscotland.blogspot.com

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Journey of and after Pneumonia

**Disclaimer--I started this blog post while I was still down for the count. It was beyond good for my heart to go back and finish this, leaving in the not so fun details, but finish it out with testimony of the Lord's healing! Amen and Amen!**

Many people have asked me what exactly happened to me. For document sake, I thought this might be a good place to journal it all out. It is also a safe place to journal it out and for my heart to trust in the Lord and know He is in control.

I am one that tells others to journal their prayers so that
they may have a record of the way God answers them.

Here is my journal. Here are my prayers.
This is my journey through and back from pneumonia.

What started out as a beautiful weekend on January 29th-I had a great 
9 mile/marathon training run. Felt great and was
eagerly anticipating the next week where I knew training was 
about to be rubber hitting the road-and I was excited about it.
We picked up Jude from school and had
a great family day!

The next morning-January 30th-I woke up EARLY for a 5k run with Dorie
with a little twinge in my chest-but hey-I can still run a 5k!

By night time I was running a fever and the room was spinning. 
Kristin. Down.

Sunday am fever even higher.
Monday even higher-so we call the dr, but they couldn't see me till Wednesday.
Tuesday evening-in the E.R. with a 105 fever.

x-rays, lots of blood drawn, three bags of fluids and two bags of antibiotics later
it's declared I was septic, with low blood pressure, high pulse
and pneumonia...and I was being admitted.

Two days into being admitted, lab results came back and 
the stuff I had coughed up for them showed a rare bacteria-not so much
normal for normal pneumonia, so they switched the antibiotic I was on.

On Saturday, when apparently my coloring started to return, they let me return home with
instructions to be on bedrest for ten days.

On Wednesday I was starting to feel better, but also took my last dose of antibiotics.
On Thursday I could not move off the couch again and this continued through the
weekend. Sunday night my fever spiked back up again to 102.1
and needless to say I found myself back at the dr on Monday.

The results: I still had crackling in my lungs = pneumonia.
 The antibiotic they treated the bacteria with in the hospital
was specific to that bacteria/not pneumonia.
Round three of antibiotics was begun.

Round three of antibiotics seemed to do the trick, as my fever never returned.
We are incredibly thankful for the community that rallied around us,
prayed us through this season, and kept us fed!
The words THANK YOU do not even begin to seem big enough!

Now, a month or so later--I fully believe the Lord has healed me.
I was told that it would probably be months before I started to
feel all the way like myself again, and I would definitely
have that pesky cough for months.
I am excited to say that I am back to running and feel great.
 I do not know why I was
taken down this crazy road, but what I do know is that once I was back
on my feet, the recovery back has been quick. I give Him all the glory.

"It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
    to sing praises to your name, O Most High;
to declare your steadfast love in the morning,
    and your faithfulness by night, to the music of the lute and the harp,
    to the melody of the lyre.
For you, O Lord, have made me glad by your work;
    at the works of your hands I sing for joy."
Psalm 92

Friday, February 12, 2016

Join me in November?

This past November, I was thrilled to have a Girls Night out with my friend Dorie. Now you should know something about our friendship...it's not a typical one. We have been known to fly across the country together and spend 32+ hours together in a van, running 200 miles...so a girls night out would none other consist of a 5k! I was excited to spend this time with her + have a night race---something I had never done before!

We had a great time and a great stroll through Piedmont Park in Atlanta. This is a favorite spot for our little McLendon Fam, so I was excited to do a race through the park!

Following the race, it did not take much to convince Dorie and I to sign up again for 2016! We had such a great time and the food after the race was the best I have ever seen (we all run for the food don't we? And well the t-shirt--and I love this tank by the way!). 

I was elated to be contacted soon after and asked to be an ambassador for Esprit de She 2016! YES PLEASE! I love this race so much, I had already signed up for it, and now I get to encourage my friends to come run with me--and give them a coupon code! YES!!!  

So here are the details:

Join me (and Dorie!) in Piedmont Park, in Atlanta, on Thursday, November 3rd for a Girls Night Out!

Pre-Warm Up starts that day at 6:05pm (with packet pick up beginning at 4pm) and the 5k race begins at 6:30pm! Wanting a little more? They do offer a 10k and that race starts at 7pm!

For all the details of the 

When you go to register, be sure to use COUPON CODE: 
to receive $5 off of your registration fee!
Who doesn't like a coupon?

I can't wait to run with you in Atlanta in November! 
Need encouragement getting started? 
Read my running story here, and I'd love to chat!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Let's have a cup of coffee, shall we?

It's been awhile since I've sat down and typed out a few words in this space. I have a few reasons. Most of which consist of 15-20 page Seminary papers. Details right? But I miss this little space of mine. It has a homey feel to it and to write without a midnight deadline is just well, nice. 

So how have you been? What I would love to do right now is sit down and have a cup of coffee with you and ask you my #1 question, How is your heart? How has life been lately? 
What has Jesus been telling you lately?

For me, I would tell you life is good. Seminary is well, Seminary. Not what I thought it would be back in the days that I called it C.E.M.E.T.E.R.Y. and that pigs would be flying if I attended...but good. Finishing up a practicum this week, then a week off, and then diving in deep to two more classes for Spring Semester.

Jude-well he is almost FIVE.YEARS.OLD. When did that happen? Seriously. I can hardly handle it. And he's almost as tall as me. I mean, it doesn't take much, but seriously? At FIVE?

So tell me about you? I have more to write about, but I want to hear from you. 
It's been awhile... let me know how you are doing and what I can pray for!

**All photo's are from The Focused Lily Photography and can not be reproduced.