Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Don't Know

So… What does moving to the big ATL mean for me? I don’t know. Kristin has accepted a nice job at a wonderful church. She will be working for a good pastor, at a good church, with a great youth program. What will I be doing? I don’t know. The sad thing is that Kristin’s new job will not be making enough money for me to catch up on my Jerry Springer and Oprah time. I will have to find a job, and guess where I’ll be working??? I don’t know. Kristin will get a nice office where she can hang her UGA diploma, and I may have to tack my Middle Diddle (associates) degree on the wall at home with safety pins. I wonder if she’ll let me put it above our bed. I don’t know. Along with working, I’ll be trying to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Kennesaw State University. When will that be? I don’t know. Will I get accepted? I don’t know (I don’t know why I wouldn’t – unless I just really think to highly of myself, NAHH). What will I do with a degree in Psychology? I don’t know. I have looked into some graduate schools and some masters programs that interest me.

We will be probably living in the Kennesaw area. Where in the Kennesaw area? I don’t know. We have been looking at several options. We have scoped out a few apartments and houses via the internet, but soon we will be making a trip up there to check it all out. This opportunity is one of many uncertainties (as you can tell). I begin to get stressed most in life when I begin to try to plan and make sense of the future. What will become of me in this new arena I get to play in? Where will the 4.5 million dollars come from that we will need to catch up on everything we are about to undertake? My umbrella of security doesn’t stretch to the northern regions of Atlanta. I find something new everyday that seems to overwhelm me with the task of moving. Getting married is fun – the best thing I’ve ever done – but this whole growing up thing is for the birds.

God has blessed us with this wave of uncertainty, and He will be the one to put it together. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, so if He gives me 100 hills of cattle, I can feed Kristin, myself, and Abigail (our cat), sell some of them and pay Chase Credit Card Services the total 5 million that I’ll be in debt (going into the move with ½ a million in debt). So you see… God’s got it all taken care of. So why am I worried? I don’t know.


amelia said...

if you wrote a newspaper article on a regular basis i would subscribe to the paper just to read your articles.
not that you work for a newspaper or anything.
just sayin.
our birthday is soon!!

mcMom said...

You do have a way with words! This reminds me of the article you wrote in high school about running into the back of Bubba's Jaquar the morning of your senior Homecoming -- "priceless."

mcdad said...

When will Robert and Kristin be off the payroll? I don't know.

LittleGirl said...

i need help with all this blog stuff