Monday, June 16, 2008

Celebrating Robert!

Where I come from, birthdays are a big deal, so I kept asking Robert if he was ready for his birthday weekend! And boy was it a weekend! I woke him up Thursday morning with a birthday candle in sweet rolls...then we left on Thursday right after he got off work (he wasn't too happy about having to work on his actual birthday) and we headed to Perry. It was there that we celebrated with family and one of Ms. Nancy's wonderful cakes. We also shared congratulatory hugs with Marynan and Todd as they just got engaged and are getting married in November!

Friday morning we headed to Atlanta to start our search for a home that we knew the Lord already had picked out for us. We met up with a dear friend of mine from college and her husband and they gave us the grand tour of Marrietta...which included lunch at the Australian Bakery...yum! I think I can get use to find all these new little and different places to eat! We then headed to Buckhead where we were staying the night and got ready for dinner. Our hotel room had a lantern on it which I'll let Ms. Nancy come up with the biblical meaning in that one. :-) Then we headed to Dante's Down the Hatch where we had fondue and a night of jazz!

Saturday morning we headed back north to Kennesaw where we met up with Cory (who I will be working with come August) and his wife Ann Marie. They gave us the great tour of Kennesaw and treated us to a great lunch and great fellowship. The very end of the day we found the apartment Jesus had ordained for us...but I am going to leave those details for Robert to post in another blog...since he is much more entertaining with words than I am!

We drove on home Saturday night and went to church at RHUMC Sunday morning. Then we headed over to my parents house for a quick Father's Day lunch before my dad went off to take his test in the simulator and my mom headed to Atlanta (didn't we just come from there?) We celebrated Dad and then had a surprise for Robert. I didn't even know about this one....

It was a great weekend of celebrating with friends and family...and as Robert kept saying, "it's great to be alive" after all my tears of last week. Sunday we also celebrated being married for 6 months. Hard to believe it's been 6 months already!!


TheBrookshires said...

Six months did fly by! It's funny how marriage goes by so quickly...I guess that is why they say time flies when you are having fun!

LittleGirl said...