Friday, July 18, 2008

Estamos a casa

For those that haven't seen our Costa Rica blog ( here is the latest:

Estamos a casa (We are home). Just wanted to let everyone know that we safely made it home last night. Our flight was delayed from Atlanta to Savannah (I have many sarcastic remarks that come to mind when I type that...but we had a no sarcasim rule enforced on our I will ask Jesus to bless Delta)...and we pulled into the church parking lot at 1:00am exactly. We are grateful to all that Jesus did in our lives on this trip and we are grateful for all of you that diligently prayed for us. We will post more updates and pictures later...but for now, know we are home safely. Below is our final team picture we took--which includes our blessing of our translator Jenny from Ireland who made a return visit over the pond just for us :-) as she translated for our team 3 years ago. This picture is taken right after we ziplined down a active one we must let you know!

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Kat said...

I'm thankful you all made it back safely and had a wonderful trip. I hope to see you before you move to Atlanta!