Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kristin's Chaos

Kristin's life has been in over-drive these past couple of months, and it's about to reach it's peak. She has just gotten back from New Orleans, worked a Chrysalis Weekend, and now she is at a summer camp for our new church (Riverstone) in Kennesaw, before heading to Costa Rica.

There are about 300 youth at the camp (only about half are from Riverstone) but the cool thing is that they have 100 volunteers there to help. The atmosphere there is very exciting. They have told Kristin not to get too overwhelmed. Tom Tanner, the pastor, has been there this week and he told Kristin that this youth week, for her, is "opportunity without without responsibility." She is free to do whatever, but nothing is expected of her. They wanted her there so she would have the opportunity to see what the big youth camp - everybody will be talking about - is all about, and to get her foot in the door with some of the kids.

Anyway... Kristin will be back tomorrow afternoon to do Wednesday night youth here in RH and then she leaves Monday for Costa Rica with a team of 21. Keep her in your prayers. She likes to get worn out before getting worn out - and almost dying in foreign countries - but we're not speaking that.

If you'd like, Riverstone has a LIVE FEED on the internet so you can watch whats going on at the youth camp. Go to www.riverstonesummercamp.tv and watch the speaker and the worship team tonight. I watched it last night and it was really good.

Thanks for the Prayers...

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Chip said...

Hey Robert and Kristin! We're looking forward to having you as a part of the RiverStone family. We're praying that the trip to Costa Rica is a blessing for all and that the transitions in the months ahead are smooth. God can do it!