Friday, August 22, 2008

A birthday video and update...

Robert and I have finally entered into this we have our own internet...which means we had to get cable too. We didn't want cable...all we wanted was internet, which we have to have now due to Robert's intense school schedule...but to do so you have to have either a phone line or cable...we decided we still didn't need a home phone and we would "benefit" more from cable...

So last night was our first night..and we've already had the discussion "I won't mess with your travel channel if you don't mess with my espn." Lovely :-)

What does this mean? This means that hopefully we will be blogging more and be able to upload more fun things! It also means I will finally finish uploading wedding pictures to facebook!! :-) We tried to upload a video the other day with our "celebrating dad" blog, but with our sketchy internet connection kindly being donated by a neighbor it wouldn't here you go..enjoy! :-) Sidenote--we had been in the pool all day so we are in our swimmies!

ps...hit "pause" on the very bottom of our blog on our music player, so you don't have two things playing at once! :-)

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