Friday, August 8, 2008

The Move!!!

The day finally arrived. It came very slow, but passed too quickly.

On Monday, August 4th, Kristin and I got up very early to do some more packing. You see, we were very much on schedule to move and to have everything packed, but the previous Monday I became very sick. Sick to the point of throwing up blood. After a visit to the ER and a day of recooperating, we were set back about two days. On top of that, I had no energy for the rest of the week, and my sister-in-law was getting married the Saturday before we left.

So... August 4th.
We picked up the U-Haul and the trailer at about 10:30. We arrived back home an hour later. We had some boys recruited to help load - Brian Winter, Halton Thompson, Eric & Dylan Lyle (Thanks guys). Kristin's parents showed up to help (they've done more than we could ask or repay). Our goal was to leave by 4:00pm. That turned into 6:00pm. Needless to say, we spent the night with Kristin's parents.

August 5th.
We woke up early the morning and headed back to the house to grab the leftovers (it was all the little insignificant stuff that took so long to pack). We rolled out about 8:00am. I gave Kristin the choice of driving the U-Haul or the truck with the trailer (towing the Alero - "Ayero, da yiddle car"). Kristin opted for the 24' U-Haul. She figured her years of driving the church bus would come in handy. I drove the truck. Driving the truck with the trailer was no big deal. Driving the truck with the trailer on I-75 in downtown Atlanta, lunchtime traffic was a religious experience. Kristin had no problems.

We arrived at our apartment at 1:00pm. Cory showed up with two boys to help unload this 24' U-Haul filled to capacity up to the third floor with no elevator. Once we opened the U-Haul to show them what we had to work with, they quickly got on their phones and called in for back-up. We ended up with about 8 kids helping us unload. They were a huge blessing and help. We finished unloading about 4:00pm. Kristin started her job the next morning with a staff meeting, and I have been unpacking boxes. The next task and prayer request would be for me to find a job. We are not to worried about that, but it always does good to pray.

Thanks for your prayers. We'll keep you posted with more pictures from the apartment later. I'm not going to post our new address on the blog for the world to access (just my email), but if anyone would like it, email me at and let me know who you are and I'll send it your way.
Love ya

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.........Bill......... said...

Glad you both are in your new home and getting settled. May blessings abound!