Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Times, Good Times

Robert & I have spent the past two weekends spending incredible quality time with our families and thought we'd share it with you!

We have so enjoyed the time together. To recap-the weekend of September 20th-my mom and dad came up and we celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary! The weekend was jam packed with a trip to the aquarium (and we now have annual passes thanks to the parents--so anyone wanting to come visit and go to the aquarium--come on--just come in the next year!), IKEA, Atlantic Station, Six Flags, our favorite restaurants, The Real Chow Baby, Wow Wingery, was a ton of fun! The visit was complete with worshipping together in our new home at RiverStone. Here are some pics of the weekend!

The Aquarium:

Centennial Park:

Six Flags:

We finally had someone to take a picture of us at our new home!

Then this past weekend we travelled south to Perry to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Roberts sister, Marynan to Todd in November. We had an "Around the House Shower" and enjoyed time with the family!

The Host & Hostess & the Honored Guests:

All the kids!

The New Family:

Robert & I are on the road again this next weekend to celebrate wonderful friends getting married. We will be sure to take lots of pictures! Thank you for celebrating life with us!

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