Friday, September 5, 2008

Quick Update...

Robert and I have had a lot going on this past week or so and even now this will have to be short, but just wanted to give you some links that you could listen to/watch to see what we have been up to!

Last weekend we headed to Perry (full update and pictures will come soon :-) and Robert spoke at First Love Ministries which is a ministry he's been involved in for quite some time. If you would like to hear his talk, please go to this link (it does take some time to patient!):

Perry First Love Ministries, Robert McLendon

This past week at RiverStone has been exciting as we had Summer Camp Reunion. I wrote a blog for our youth that I encourage you to read. Also within that blog is directions on how to watch summer camp reunion...if you have time, please do....worship was absolutely amazing and the speaker, Kevin Queen, delivered an incredible word from the Lord. Here is our youth blog:

Awaken This Generation

We pray that the Lord uses both of these things to renew you in His Holy Spirit today.

We love you!
Robert & Kristin

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