Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Retreat This Weekend-Please Pray!

It's here! Our Fall Retreat is finally here! I've been anxiously awaiting an opportunity to hang out one on one with my girls and it's finally here!! I've been asking the Lord for this opportunity and it's so exciting the way the Lord has brought the girls out for this retreat. It's not about numbers...but to give you a visual--we now have a 2 to 1 ratio of girls to boys--we out grew our charter bus on Wednesday and had to call in reinforcements. They are saying this is the largest fall retreat they've had--and it's just high schoolers! I'm so so excited!

Our theme is: "A Life of Surrender." Our speaker is Steve Hambrick--who is on staff at RiverStone for a season to plant the next church. (For more info on him, you can read his blogs: Steve & Randel Hambrick and Collapse of the Cookie Cutter and his latest present to his wife--a must read: Randels 40th Birthday). Our worship leader is Christian Lewis from IHOP-ATL and anyone that went on a mission trip with me to Waveland, Mississippi (our first trip right after Katrina hit) will remember him as our worship leader then! Super excited to have this opportunity to minister with him again!

Please pray:
  • that we would experience the Presence of the Living God
  • for Steve as he speaks--anointing from Heaven would come!
  • for Christian and the band as they lead us into the Presence of Jesus.
  • for Cory as he gives leadership and the Lord would anoint his words as he speaks
  • for Robert as he gets to hang out with the guys--and he's in charge of games :-)
  • for me as I finally have time with my girls
  • relationships would be built
  • repentance
  • hearts would be stirred
  • surrender
  • intimacy with Jesus
  • and anything else the Lord puts on your heart to pray!

Also, if you could pray for a guy named Aaron. He has been leading worship for us on Wednesday nights and occasionally on Sunday morning and evenings. He was suppose to go with us this weekend as a part of the band and to minister to the guys--but his 30 year old brother was killed in a car wreck yesterday. Aaron's only request is that we pray for his family--that they would come to know Jesus through this--especially his father. I'd like to ask that you pray for him.

Thank you for praying for us! Looking forward to sharing what the Lord does!! Love you all!

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