Friday, October 31, 2008

Miraculous Provision

Robert and I just got home from the grocery store and for those that don't know--that's kinda a big deal! When we first accepted the job here at RiverStone there was never a thought in our mind about Robert finding a job. Well we were here about a month and a half when the Lord was very specific in speaking to us. Even though Robert had been very diligent in seeking a job, day in and day out putting out applications, not a door was opening. After this time of seeking, the Lord very specifically spoke that Robert was to be in a season of prayer.

With that word from the Lord--came the first step of faith for us--believing that if God called our family to this--that He would provide for us. And He has! Ever since Robert accepted the call from the Lord He has continually provided for us. Week after week we have anonymous money show up in our mailbox and it's always just as another bill is due or we run out of bread.

What's most exciting about this time in our lives is that I get to tell people what my husband does. It brings great pleasure to my heart to say that I have a man that seeks the Lord. I have a man that spends his days in pursuit of this man Jesus. I have a man that loves Jesus and is willing to lay down worldly things to gain insight into the Kingdom.

It's been a great road for us. We've bought the Dave Ramsey book (you have to buy a book to learn how to save money!?) and although we are no where where we need to be yet, we are allowing the Lord to have complete control over our finances.

We covet your prayers for this season for our family and to whomever keeps allowing the Lord to use them to answer our prayers by sending financial blessings, thank you. You have allowed us to see our God as the Jehovah-Jireh "The Lord will provide."

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