Saturday, October 25, 2008

Today Mom We Celebrate You

Today is a very special day. Today is the day that my sweet mama graced the world with her presence. Today mom I celebrate you. You have a way of making everyone else know that they are special. Birthdays are your thing. You know exactly what to buy and what to do that will make the person smile (even if it is white dishes)!

Mom, you are the mom that is there for her children. You are the mom that will lay down all of your own wishes and desires so that those around you are blessed and fulfilled. You are the one that stays up late mopping the floor and gets up early to make 3 different pots of coffee to meet all of many different preferences. You are the mom that loves loving on others. You are the woman that makes an incredible mom. You are the woman that makes an incredible wife.

Today mom my prayer is that you would know how special YOU are. That you would know how much we all love and adore you. That you would know just how much you mean to us. Thank you mom for loving us so abundantly. Today mom, we celebrate YOU!


Robert said...

I guess you couldn't find any pictures of me and your mom. Just Kiddin. Happy Birthday Little Mama!

Mama said...

Hi baby girl,

I wanted to let you know how much I loved the special message you sent me on my birthday. It was so sweet. You made your mama cry! I just loved it! Being a mama is such a wonderful blessing and God really blessed me with both you and Jocelyn. I just can't express in words the wonderful gift that you gave me on the day you were born. I will always love you and I will always be your mama. With much love and through the tears...mama

Heidi said...

awe thats no fun...i wanted a place that i could comment on after each picture! ha ha
you are making me proud with all that i have taught you about blogging! (-:
seriously, that was really sweet and i was even in it......3 different pots of coffee! my heart is warmed!
love ya sister girl,