Friday, October 24, 2008

With Everything

One of my new favorite worship songs is “With Everything” by Hillsong. We sing it on occasion at RiverStone. The song is a prayer for purity and a prayer to be what God wants us to be. To cast all things off of us that hinder us from obtaining His presence. To be filled to the measure with the goodness of God. To kneel before His thrown and offer Him praise. We will shout for His glory, we will shout forth His praise. That we would be caught up in crying out, in a place of desperation and longing. To be given just enough to be left wanting more. To experience His presence like Isaiah when the glory of the Lord filled the temple. To be completely cleansed. To sit in utter amazement of who He is. Sometimes I feel as if I have God figured out, but Job 36:26 says, “Behold, our God is great, and we don’t even know Him…” That is what this song means to me. In a place of worship He longs to draw near to us. The Lord inhabits the praises of His people, and we are a people created to worship Him at His throne. I demand much of Him, but He has done enough already. If I were to never hear Him again or experience His presence, then He has done enough, and I will praise Him for who He is. He measures out the heavens with His thumb and His forefinger. Who is this God that I should think I should know Him. I have no idea. His thoughts are higher than mine, His ways are higher than mine. Just like Jericho, I will shout and the walls of my enemies will crumble before the Lord. He is going to shake everything that can be shaken, and what I’m hanging on to has to be Him, because He’ll be the only thing left standing. How brittle my world is, how insignificant my troubles are, how little I am, But how BIG He is, and even I am not far from His grasp or out of His sight. With everything I’ll shout forth your praise.

(Watch both videos - the second is a continuation of the first)

Open our eyes
To see the things that make Your heart cry
To be the church that You would desire
Your light to be seen

Break down our pride
And all the walls we've built up inside
Our earthly crowns and all our desires
We lay at Your feet

Let hope rise
And darkness tremble
In Your holy light
That every eye will see
Jesus our God
Great and mighty to be praised

God of all days
Glorious in all of Your ways
The majesty the wonder and grace
In the light of Your Name

With everything
With everything
We will shout for Your glory
With everything
With everything
We will shout forth Your praise

Our hearts they cry
Be glorified
Be lifted high above all names
For You our King
With everything
We will shout forth Your praise

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