Monday, November 10, 2008

The Challenge--

Yesterday morning I spent 45 minutes praying for our President-Elect Obama and for our nation WITH a group of 6th grade girls. How precious of a moment this was for me to be in a prayer room with these girls seeking His face, together praying for a man that a week ago-being honest here-I was not praying for.

I was challenged by these girls to make this a daily part of what I do. My challenge to you, is will you do the same? The post below is a great resource for the time to come.

It seems that our blog posts as of late have a theme to them--prayer and intercession. The sermon yesterday by Mark Nysewander at RiverStone was entitled "Prayer". To sum it up--Transformation on the earth--is the activity of God upon the earth--and His activity comes in response to His saints praying. One thing that you can contribute to the Heavenlies is prayer. When you pray it gives the angels something to work with and you give God something to respond to. I encourage you all to listen to Marks sermon by clicking here.

May today you be challenged to get in your prayer closet. May Jesus release the spirit of intercession upon you. May you believe that when you pray--God responds.

Enjoy Jesus today.

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