Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day Eve

On this election day eve, I wanted to share with you what our pastor shared with us yesterday morning. After preaching the Word of God and giving us a challenging message to committing to staying in the Word-he said, "I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, but I am going to tell you how to vote. Vote biblically." He went on to tell us that the Word will tell us how to live, so we must stay committed to the Word. Today, on this election day eve, I'm not saying whether or not to vote Republican or Democrat, all I'm asking is that, today-get in the Word. May Jesus line up your heart with His.

If you have a chance today and you have 23 minutes, please listen to Tom's sermon below. Click on link below, then click on the sermon title, "Tether to God's Word." (Be sure to listen to the whole thing-including ministry time by Mark Nysewander at the end!)

Sermon by Tom Tanner, Senior Pastor at RiverStone Church

Also, a friend of mine wrote a great blog regarding the elections: I'm voting for Jesus!

Enjoy a day in His Word. Enjoy a day in the Holy Presence of Jesus.

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Kurt said...

I haven't listened to it yet but hopefully by the end of the night. That little nugget you shared sounds awesome. Gotta love Tom.

"Who knows, maybe He will relent from sending harm and leave a blessing behind." Joel 2