Tuesday, November 18, 2008

October Recap

It's November 18th--and I'm just now blogging about October! How's that for timely!? When we first moved up here, August and September were nice slow months allowing us to get into the swing of things--which we are completely grateful for! October came and bam we were on the go!

So many things happened during October that I wanted to blog about, but never got the chance to. So--here we go!

October started off with a trip to Savannah to celebrate two of my youth from my first year in ministry getting married to each other! How exciting! The Sheehan family is very special to Robert & I. This is the family that Robert lived with during the summers when he was working with the youth. We love them dearly!

Stopping by the beautiful Bride & Grooms table to say hello!

With McMom & McDad (The McLendon parents!)

Robert & Little Sheehan! Very handsome!

Me & Mama Sheehan! She's beautiful!

Me & one of my Berry's:

Robert & Stephen...I'm excited, are you excited, cause I'm excited!
While in the Hill, we were also able to visit some of our old stomping grounds--we visited Bouhan, Williams and Levy--the amazing law firm that Robert worked for while he was in Savannah. We had lunch at our absolute favorite little cafe, Soho South Cafe, then we headed out to FlightSafety International which is where I spent my summer, Christmas and spring breaks during my college years. Many of these women came to our wedding to celebrate our special day. They are such a blessing in my life and Robert had never met them--so we went out to make the official introduction. I was 17 when I started working there. I think I gave them a heart attack when I told them how old I was about to be!

We also got to visit with my dear friend Heidi. Oh, how I love this woman and love sitting over a cup of coffee and talking about Jesus! We also got to spend some time with Heather and Jason before they became parents!!!!

Upon returning home Sunday evening, we got the phone call that Heather was in labor and River was on his way!!! I did post about this event, so to see those events click here and here. I just posted his 6 week check in, so don't miss that post below! :)

As you know, the next weekend was Fall Retreat. This was mine and Roberts first official event with RiverStone Student Ministry and it was absolutely amazing! I've already posted a few videos, so if you haven't seen them yet click here or here or for the professional video, click here.
Here are some pics of the Lord's creation! I don't have a copy of our group pic--but if you watch the professional video--you'll see it in the middle! :)

The bus carrying the kids through the mountains!

The following week we had a few visits from some of our favorite people!

Tim, Robert & Andrew @ The Real Chow Baby

Notice Brian Winter on the far right--one of our girls won Homecoming Queen! Yay Kathy! It was a beautiful picture of Jesus picking His Queen!

On that Saturday--Robert and I randomly decided to take a day road trip! One of my favorite things about us is our ability to just get up and go. The road trip ended up putting us in Chattanooga, Tennessee--which I think is going to need to be a new post all in itself because this one is getting too long!

Monday, October 20th was my birthday--and I believe to be the longest day in my life. I went on a road trip with my pastor Tom and Cory, we left at 5:30am and we went to St. Simons Island for three days for a conference for Youth Pastors hosted by the Gathering Place. I was involved in this ministry while at RHUMC and it was a huge blessing to be able to go back! We went early, so that was how I got to spend those couple of hours in Richmond Hill that I mentioned in our last post!

Beautiful St. Simons Island:

Tom eating some bday cookie cake!
The next weekend, we had a SOZO conference at RiverStone Church. A team came out from Bethel Church in Redding, California. Absolutely amazing! I strongly encourage each of you to click on the link of SOZO, but basically SOZO is the Greek word for Saved, Healed, Delivered. Don't worry--the whole week the team was here I was walking around the office singing Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm yours...but on a serious note it was incredible ministry time for me. I got some personal ministry time that was really, really good! There is a 6 month waiting list to get "sozo'd" by the Bethel Team, but when our church brought out this team for the conference, they brought them in early and it was "required" for the staff to get sozo'd and our spouses! Incredible! I received lots of prayer regarding the Summer of 2007 with our bus accident which was greatly needed amongst lots of other things the Lord wanted to redeem in my life! When you get a chance, look it up! Also, during this weekend, our dear friend Kelli McCalla came to stay with us! Here's a pic of her and Robert being goofy with my spices! (Kelli is the one who wrote the song that's on the "bus accident" post linked above).

To close out our October, or should I say start our November, we had a special guest! Amelia came to stay with us as she's a dear friend of mine from RH that is now a Freshman at UGA. Oh how refreshing it was to have her in our home!

Here are some pics we took down on the Marietta Square!

And that's it folks! Thanks for being apart of our lives!

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