Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturdays with Ashley

Do You Miss Me?

While I've been home I've noticed something I've said a lot is, "I missed you." I'm not just saying this, but I really have missed all of my friends and family. I've also noticed that there are two groups of people in my "I missed you" life. The first group are the people who I would think about a lot and I couldn't wait to see again. The second group of people didn't consume my thoughts as much as the first group. When I saw the first group of people I was excited and glad to see them. The second group was different, when I saw those people I realized how much I really had missed them. That a piece of me was in them too, I guess I realized I missed them a lot more than I had originally thought.

I was thinking about this and God asked me a question." Do you miss me? What group am I in?" At first I was like well...I mean you're with me all the time God sooo how am I supposed to miss you? Then I started really thinking about this, do I miss God? Think about it, this world is temporary and eventually we are going to be reunited with God. The way we interact with God now is barely a taste of what is to come. So do we miss Him? Do we long for Him to return to the earth so that we can be WITH Him again? Jesus prayed in John 17:24 "Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am." Jesus is at the right hand of the Father, and this is where He desires for us to be as well. Everything that Jesus prayed will be fulfilled, and we will be with Him by the Father.

David said in Psalm 42:1 "As a deer pants for streams of water so my soul pants for you O God." Usually we look at this a pretty picture of a deer drinking from a nice stream, it's a very peaceful picture. I don't think that's how David intended it to be read. He never said the deer was drinking from the water, he was saying the deer was longing for the water. Imagine you just finished running a marathon and there is only one bottle of water in sight, what are you going to do to get that water? You're longing for that water, your tongue is like sand paper in your mouth, you're beginning to feel a little light headed, and your throat is dried up. All you want is that water, this isn't a peaceful sight. You're doing all you can to try and make your way over to get that bottle of water. This a more accurate portrayal of what David had in mind. He was longing for God, He wasn't content with what this world had to offer. He wanted more, he knew there was more of God and he longed to lay
 hold of it.

Do you miss Him like that? Is He your only source of fulfillment? Are you able to function during the day if you haven't spent time with Him? The sad reality is that the majority of us don't miss Him. We're content in this world and what it has to offer us. Why? Because we don't really know what it's like to be with God. We don't know how great He is. It doesn't hit our hearts that He is the King of the Universe. That one day the whole world will be a monarchy under the leadership of Jesus. That we can go up to President Bush or President Elect Obama and say, " My God rules over you." The reality of Him being the King, Judge, Father, ect. doesn't hit us. We serve a BIG God, and we are only able to grasp a small portion of who He is and we're content with that. He's big, He's mighty, He's holy, He's powerful, He's jealous, He's good. We know this, we've heard this, but do we miss Him? How many times have you ever sat down and said, "God I can't wait for you to return to earth." Not often enough, but then He becomes like a person in the second group. We don't miss Him, but we get a taste of who He is and we realize how much we really do miss Him.

Do you miss Him? Do you long for His return? He can't wait, He really misses you.

God Bless

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