Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blog Rewind...

The final few weeks of 2008 were spent traveling and I've had so much I've wanted to blog on, but haven't had the chance!  So over the next couple of days I hope to devote  some time to rewinding a few weeks and sharing life with you, if you don't mind!  

So in the meantime while I am catching up on things--what is on your "list" for 2009?  We all know what list I'm talking about--and we'd really love to hear from our blog followers out there--we'd really love to know you are out there---it would encourage us to hear from you!  So, leave us a comment and let us know what's on your 2009 list!  (For those that receive this in an email, you can click on the title to this blog and it will take you to the original blog to leave a comment!)

Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing life with you and by the end of the week, I promise to have shared my list with you... it's growing! :)


Katie said...

Hi Kristin and Robert-

Phil and I were just having this discussion over the weekend. Our list is pretty simple-
1) The get healthy year (this includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health)

2) Become more aggressive in seeking help for Ryley and other children living with Bipolar Disorder. Education is the weapon to beat ignorance. Prayer is the weapon to find solace. Love is the weapon for achieving understanding.

3) Become more active in church. Molly receives first communion this year and is learning about reconciliation. We are teaching her that in catholicism it is a two part process, the reconciliation involving the priest, Molly and Jesus, and then the act of daily reconciliation between Molly and Jesus. As a family, our Priest's words hit home yesterday- it is not about what you get from your Church Family- it is about what you bring to your Church Family. When you serve, you will always receive.

While I also have other little ones, like be better at staying in touch with friends and family, and being a better blogger, the above are my goals for my soul.

Love you guys-
Kate, Phil and the girls

kurt said...

Well I'm out here, I promise. Not much has changed from 08 to 09. Thats about it I guess. I have never really been that much into New Years for some reason, but I guess we are closer to Jesus' return than we were in 08, but thats about it. Haha. Cya