Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday My Munchkin!

My Munchkin turns 26 today and where has the time gone?  My first memory of my little munchkin was at the age of 3 when daddy and I had to sell our sports car as I was getting a little sister.  Our relationship started out a little rough--I gave her my cold and sent her back to the hospital for awhile--but she has become my best friend throughout the years.  When we were younger, as we moved from town to town being the Air Force Brats that we were, we were sometimes each others only friends.  We learned how to love on each other and be there for one another.  As my only sibling, she has been a true joy in my life.  

Today, my munchkin, we celebrate you!  25 was a fantabulous year for you as you became a wife.  We can't wait to see what 26 holds for you!

Traveling the world:

Thank you for standing by my side as my Maid of Honor!

Thank you for letting me stand by your side!
Remember when birthday spankings were the thing to do?  I love you my munchkin!  Enjoy your day!

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Jocelyn said...

Oh wow! That was so incredibly sweet! My eyes are full of tears right now! I've enjoyed being your sister too! I love you!