Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introducing Daniel Bashta...

We are excited around here at RiverStone that I just had to pass on the excitement to our blogging friends!  

This past Sunday we announced who our new Worship Pastor is going to be.  Daniel Bashta has accepted the position and we are eagerly awaiting for him and his wife to make his transition here.  

We absolutely love and adore our current Worship Pastor, but we are excited for the door the Lord has opened up for him and the new opportunities the Lord has for his family!  Bill, you will be missed!!!

For our blogging friends, Daniel has a cd out that you can download for free off of his website!!!  (Yes, it's free!)  Just click here to get to his site and download!!! It's sooo good!  When Robert and I came to RiverStone's Summer Camp (side note--the Student Ministry website has been updated recently and looks amazing--click on that link to take a look!) over the Summer, the kids were singing "Awakening" which is one of Daniels songs.  It's become a staple in our youth group over the past few months and the Lord has used it to move mightily!  

Listen!  Allow the Lord to take you into His Presence!!!!

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Lee said...

he lead worship for us at AUBURN! i loveeeeeeeee loveeeeeeee Him.

He will make a fabulous edition!!