Friday, January 9, 2009

Our First Anniversary

As I mentioned last month we celebrated our first anniversary on December 15th.  The Lord blessed us with an amazing week away together in the middle of nowhere!  And I mean the middle of nowhere.  We were near Hot Springs, North Carolina where cell phones did not work and internet could be found at a teeny tiny little coffee shop in town (which we opted out of!).  

The week was absolutely amazing.  We spent the week in the hot tub that was on our front porch, reading the Word in front of the fireplace that was our main heat source in the cabin (which means I had the cabin at about 80 degrees all week--fireplace is one of my absolute favorite things!) and we discovered a new game called Skip-Bo and played lots of it!  When it wasn't raining, we went hiking.  We ventured into Hot Springs to use our free gift certificate here and even ventured to Asheville for a day and used our Christmas money to visit the Biltmore Estate (at Christmas time--absolutely amazing!!!!)  

Here are just a few pictures of our much needed vacation together!

Upon Arrival sitting on our front porch...ahhhh....

On our actual anniversary:

I was suppose to stay in bed while Robert cooked breakfast...but I snuck out and took this picture:

Then came the gifts.  We gave each other a $20 limit and the traditional anniversary gift is paper--so we had to get creative!  :)

I made Robert a card out of construction paper (I got him a real card too) but his card that I made described his gift which was 12 months of paper--he's been reading mens health lately--so I got him a one years subscription.  I thought I was creative until I opened my gift from my lovely husband--which made me cry--he got me a journal and some note cards (I have a slight addiction to notecards that really I think only my friend Amelia can understand!)  
Here is inside the journal, which made me cry.  
And then the beautiful gift from mom--who did not obey the $20 or paper rule--a sugar bowl for our fine china (I had the creamer (thank you Jac!)  but not the sugar bowl--which we all found out on mothers day last year!)  Thank you mom for such a beautiful gift!!!  I took this picture once we got home--we have pictures of me opening this gift--but the hair is not attractive, so we'll show you those pictures later! :)

We spent the rest of the day hiking--and it was really, really cold!!!!

This was at the top of Max Patch where we saw a little bit of snow.  The weather was getting quite bad, so we didn't stay up top for long.  We wanted to go back later in the week, but it rained all week, making the dirt roads you had to drive till you got to where you can hike quite impossible to drive on.  We'll have to return to this spot as it is absolutely beautiful!

On our way down we pulled over to take some cool pictures!

We found another hiking spot that was not so cold and was along the river:

Back to the cabin we went to celebrate!

Robert cooked dinner on the grill (I know great anniversary for me!  He cooked breakfast and dinner!!)

We brought our toasting flutes along!

And broke out the top layer of our wedding cake along with our serving pieces that we used at our wedding that match our fine china (the flutes were from our wedding and fine china too!)

One thing that Robert and I had wanted to do at our wedding was wash each others feet--but since I had to wear heels--so that I could be tall enough to be in the same picture as Robert, logistically we just couldn't figure it out--so we saved it for once we left the reception and got to where we were staying for the night.  I had gotten a towel and washcloth monogrammed with our new monogram on it to make the moment special--so I brought it along on our first anniversary and we washed each others feet once again.

Here are some pics from the rest of the week:

Our cabin:

View from our cabin:

View from the hot tub:
The wonderful fire place inside:

Our trip into Asheville:

 We visited the Winery at the Biltmore and did the behind the scenes thing:

Then on to the house/mansion/museum....we weren't allowed to take pics this is all we got:

View from a balcony on the back of the house:

We enjoyed the town of Asheville--found a great little Thai restaurant to eat at and loved touring the little not chain stores (one of our favorite things to do while traveling--we try to not eat or visit any store that we can visit at home!  Makes for a great adventure!)  in the Biltmore Village!  It was a great day!

On our last day we hiked to a waterfall to take communion together.  Communion is really important to us.  It was the first thing we did as an engaged couple and it was the first act we partook in as a married couple.  We had wanted to do this on our anniversary on the top of Max Patch, but the weather turned bad really quickly...  so we opted for the water fall later in the week:

Our way of doing communion while hiking--yes that is grape juice in a Nalgene bottle.

Did we mention we took Abigail with us?  She wasn't much of a happy camper for most of the trip, but we were glad to have her!  

Please don't leave me:

I would love to know what she's thinking right here:

This place was very pet friendly--if we ever get to return, we would absolutely love to take our little hound dog, Maddie with us!

On our ride home we found the McRib--oh, if you only knew!  While we were in the Hill for Thanksgiving we kept driving by the McDonalds sign that said McRib is here!  But my mom feeds us very well while we are there, so Robert never got his McRib.  So we got back to Atlanta and he called every McDonalds within about a 20 mile radius and they did not have it!  But we found one in North Carolina!  The simple joys in life...
Upon returning home I had a package waiting on me from my dear friend Haley from Pottery Barn with these beautiful monogrammed M napkins!  What better way to close out our 1st Anniversary trip!!  

Thank you for letting us share these special moments with you!  Thank you for making our first year of marriage so wonderful.  Each of you played a vital part.

I know this blog was long, but thank you for reading!  This blog turned out to be so long that I now have a hole in my pj pants while Maddie was letting me know that I was not paying any attention to her! on to the puppy! :)


Amelia said...

Kristin! did i tell you where i found stationary & its perfect! you get 8 notecards & envelopes for 1 dollar! ..... MICHAEL'S of all places!
i have a sticky note with your name on it! get ready!

- Amelia

kurt miller said...

Yall are so awesome!! I can't wait to get to know both of you better. Yall continue to amaze me. Look forward to seeing you (whenever that may be)!!