Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lots to look at!

Lot's of websites in our life have been recently updated and we want you to take a look at them!

First off, our youth website has had a complete overhaul.  Take a look and be sure to click on all the different tabs and see all the Lord is doing in our lives.  RiverStone Student Ministry Website

Secondly, our church has a new website and a new web address, so be sure to bookmark this new one:  RiverStone Church

Next up is Summer Camp!  Student registration kicks off this Sunday with our new website--but you can go ahead and take a sneak peek RiverStone Summer Camp 2009

We are also offering a new Internship this Summer.  RiverStone has had 2 interns in the past, but this year we feel the Lord is doing something huge and we are really excited about it...take a look at the new internship we are offering:  Burning Ones

Lastly, we have a huge conference this weekend here.  We'd love for you all to come! :)  So take a look...we are walking in huge expectation of the Lord this weekend.  Kingdom Expansion Conference

Thanks for loving us and being interested in what the Lord is doing in our lives!  We love you!

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