Monday, February 16, 2009

Ode to Mother

Today marks the BIG 5-0 for my dear mother. I thought I'd take a moment and say a few things about her.

Where would I be without my dear ole Mother?
- First off... There'd be no me, and that would be an incredible injustice to this world. So, thanks mom for blessing this world with, well... ME.
- Without my mum, I would have slept in every Monday morning during summer vacation. But instead, I was awakened by the sounds of the piano being hammered by her piano students, who were mostly less than golden maestros. How pleasant it was to be reminded that my mother was indeed a patient and caring soul.
- Without you, dearest mommy, I would have succumbed to the wrath of my father on several occasions (more so than I did). She would hide report cards from the old man to spare me much weeping and gnashing of teeth... except for that one time when she threw my report card back at me and screamed "THIS IS WHAT CHILD ABUSE COMES FROM!!!" Thanks...
- There were those times when we children were awakened between 5am-6am, because dear mother was baking cakes... She often made noise while doing this. I'm sure it wasn't from bitterness or spite, but instead the goodness of her heart.

You see, she has given her life to a few things in great ways. There were countless Sunday mornings I woke up to the sound of my mom practicing the piano before church. Almost every morning I came crawling out of bed for school, and she had already been up praying for me and my siblings. The whole reason my mom was up making cakes and teaching piano students was to give me a Christmas. Without the piano and holiday cake baking there was not much of a Christmas.

Family, Church, and God are the few things she has given her whole life for. Every ounce has been poured into those three things. I could not have asked for a better mother. SO... I hope you have a Happy Birthday (you old fart).


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a cup bearer said...

Those are the kindest words any body has ever said -- I think. You made mothering easy. I love you so much!