Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A lifelong dream fulfilled!

In following up with the last post  I just had to let you know Robert fulfilled his lifelong dream as.....


Our professional photographer caught the true essence of batman in the picture below--with his cute little crooked ear (I mistakenly called it his antler once this weekend---I promise you--I only made that mistake once as I was quickly corrected that batman does NOT have antlers!!!)  and batman not being able to breathe out of his he has this little thing going on with his lips! :)
Here's our whole crew:  Super Heros:  The Incredible Hulk, Spider Man, Super Man and Batman, the villain of Middle School Retreat:  Darth Vader and Team Gold--our amazing core leadership team!

I just couldn't resist one more picture of Team Gold since they did such an AMAZING job!  (And a side note--the Lord has used these two girls mightily and I mean, MIGHTILY in my life and my transition here.  I praise Jesus for them!)

And last, but not least, me with my Batman!

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Amy Carpenter said...

ahhh I love you Kristin! the Lord has used YOU mightily in MY life. <3