Thursday, March 19, 2009

Middle School Retreat This Weekend!

Somehow I found myself on a blog hiatus (minus the picture of maddie in the dishwasher!)  The hiatus wasn't really on purpose--just kinda happened that way!  Sorry folks--Ashley was even on spring break so you didn't even get a "moment" from her (although I enjoyed seeing her smiling face around here!)  Sorry!!!

Okay, so why have we been so busy???  This weekend is MIDDLE SCHOOL RETREAT!!!!  It is the most ingenious thing I've ever heard of and a) wish I had thought of the idea and b)wish i had thought of it about 6 years ago!!!  c) thank you Mark Fritchman!! for dreaming this when you were Youth Pastor here!  It's a retreat for our middle schoolers, but it is completely planned and lead by our high school leaders.....we have been meeting with our core team every wednesday and our high school leaders on sundays for the past 3 months and it is all finally going to happen this weekend!!!  One of my passions is to raise up leaders and this is the most incredible thing I have ever seen!  We have roughly 35 high school leaders going this weekend and over 60 middle schoolers (how exciting!!) going ....I tell you FOR US PLEASE!!!!!!  

Every year there is a "theme" and this year it is "FASCINATE" based off of Psalm 27:4 and our team themes are super heros--and ladies and gentleman, my husband is living out his life long dream this weekend.  They picked up the costume today and he just had to try it on this evening---please take a look at the picture below and please comment on this post (if you get this in an email--click the title and it will take you to the original post and the comment section on the bottom) and guess which super hero Robert has always dreamed of being!!!
Do know that after making the flyers, we decided that Wonder Woman--well to be quite frank, she's a little sketchy, so we changed her to the Incredible Hulk.  

So, there's our weekend for you--Robert leaves at 9am in the morning to go "prepare the way".  I leave at 5:30 tomorrow afternoon with 2 charter buses full of youth that we are believing God has HUGE things for this weekend!

Maybe when we return I'll have a little extra time to write some blogs I've been wanting to write...wait....Summer Camp will kick into full gear when I return...which brings me to some exciting news!!!  Remember when I told you about our Summer Internship??  Well, someone near and dear to me applied and I am so super pumped that I will be having my dear Amelia from the Hill be an intern at RiverStone.  I am just beside my self with excitement!!!  Our moment with Ashley, Ashley is also going to be an intern (we will have 7 total)--so maybe we'll get some "special moments" from her--and maybe even Amelia will write us a blog or two...what ya think?

Love you all!  Thank you for praying for us this weekend and sharing life with us!!!!!  And don't forget to guess which super hero Robert is living out his life long dream as this weekend!!!!  Can't wait to hear your responses!!!!


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Amelia said...

Wow it has taken me a few days to catch up on my blog reading! =P
Funny thing-- i caught up on the night where i should have been doing a lot of work. =P
Give me a few days & i'll have the video watched :)
I started over on my blog :) -- kind of. i have the intention of writing something soon!