Monday, April 27, 2009


I have a confession to make--well more of an admittance to a disease I have--it's called, "not able to blog out of chronological order" and it drives me crazy!!  You see, I feel as if I am always playing "catch up" on our blog because when things happen or we go places, and if I still haven't blogged about something, I feel as if I can't blog about the current.  For example--Robert and I took an amazing mini-vacation this past weekend to Birmingham, but I feel as if I can't blog about it because I haven't blogged our hilarious attempt to take a family picture at Easter.  And I can't post those yet, because I haven't blogged about my trip to Maine yet.  Anyone following me? Please, I need prayer to be set free and walk in FREEDOM!!!

On that note, Robert and I have started reading a devotional together--yes, a yearly one, at the end of April, because that's how we roll--but it is Smith Wigglesworth, Devotional.  AMAZING!  Here's a random thought for you today:  "Get alone with God, and receive the revelation of His infinite grace and of His wonderful purposes and plans for your life."

I have been hanging out all morning on our back porch, just the pup and I.  She just got into these, my new hobby that I decided on Saturday that I wanted to have and my lovely husband was incredibly supportive of--pictures of those coming soon!  More importantly Maddie and I have enjoyed this Monday morning together.  I've been enjoying the presence of Jesus and enjoying the fact that He's answered our prayers.  Robert started his new job today--this morning at 8am!  (not gonna lie, the 8am part was kinda painful).  I'm kinda sad our season of him not working is over, but this will be good for us and it is you see, we are also in the process of buying a house (another incident that has unfortunately not made it to the blog)...but my friends, because of how much Jesus loves us, we have some incredible stories to tell because of this whole house buying process.  As a friend said to me just yesterday, "after all you guys have been through, I can't wait to see the house the Lord has for you."  Amen and amen.  Stories coming soon I promise, and saying in faith, we will have a house to show you soon!

I should close now, as I'm sure this blog is a rambling blog and not even sure if it makes sense--I had to get up and leave at one point as I was trying to upload pictures to iphoto and write a blog and the macbook just wasn't liking to multi-task on this Monday morning--so Maddie and I went for a walk around the buildings...well I walked/she ran.  We have to get this girl a yard asap!!!  

For now, here's a pic from this past weekend in the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham (and us playing with the color options on the camera!)--I hope to blog a little more this week and catch us up--in the midst of Senior Banquet tomorrow and Summer Camp Kick-off on Sunday, and yes I can admit, that's me asking you to pray for us this week! :)


kurt said...

You just made my day. You never fail. That is great to hear about the house. I can't wait to hear more details. Well, I am looking forward to this summer, it's going to be good.

a cup bearer said...

Your little botanical pot is beautiful! Know you will enjoy it. Just don't forget it needs water. I, for some reason, can't ever remember that!