Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Remember this post when I confessed I needed freedom?  Well thank you for your prayers, because tonight, even though I know there are other things I need to blog on--and things I've promised to blog on---I have the ability to walk in freedom and post these pictures from LAST NIGHT!!!  Woohoo, thank you Jesus!

Last night we had our Senior Banquet--we were missing a few kids due to awards banquets and play off games, but the ones that were there--we shared amazing, special moments with!  Our Senior Banquet was put on by our Junior moms and we had the most amazing catered meal in our churches Grand Foyer that was beautifully decked out.  

Our night included the parents writing letters to their kids and the kids writing letters to their parents (prepared beforehand) and we shared in a moment of them reading letters to each other.  It only took to the second letter reading that Robert disappeared into the Worship Center to collect as many boxes of tissues as he could and pass out to the tables.

At the end of the night I couldn't take it anymore and with tears streaming down my face I stood up and told them thank you for letting me into their lives.  You see, it was EXACTLY this time last year that I was standing up in front of a youth group that the Lord graciously let me be apart of for five years.  Five years of being involved in their lives, being there in their ups and downs, watching them fall madly in love with Jesus.  One year ago exactly the Lord had me stand up in front of them and tell them that He was closing that chapter in my life.  It is still to this day one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  Knowing it was what the Lord wanted didn't make it any easier.  Those kids still hold a very very special place in my heart.  I fell more in love with Jesus as I walked life with them.  It was hard then.  I still miss them now.

But I stood up last night in front of a group of kids that have openly let me into their lives, confessing that one of the hardest things about leaving my rhumc youth group was the senior class---the one I had been with since they were in the 7th grade---behind.  I had even asked the Lord for one more year in RH to see them graduate--but it was definitely not His will.  Standing up last night, I now know why and I know His will is perfect.

Here are a few pictures to share His will for my life.  Thank you for loving me.  Praying for me.  Sharing life with me.  Letting me be vulnerable with you.  I love you.

Our Seniors in the Grand Foyer:
Me and my Senior Girls and their amazing cell group leaders!
Cory and I with our exchange student, Carla.  Yes, I should have worn heels!
Me with our intern for this past year, Kimmy:
Yes, it's been a fun year! :)

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