Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let's catch up a little shall we?

We've been on a few road trips here lately that made me realize we never posted photos from our last trip to the Hill.  Somehow we managed to not make it home to Richmond Hill from Thanksgiving to February...yes, I'm posting photos from February--somehow I got really slack on the blogging...but feel as if these need to be up before I put up photos from our latest travels, and this was Maddie's first visit to the Hill, so we have to document here we go....

Maddie got to see her Pa-Pa for a few hours before he flew out early Friday morning...Let's just say Chloe's (the one sitting on dad's shoulder)  not really a fan of her cousin Maddie...
Did we mention that Maddie got up early the next morning to say Pa-Pa bye and fell in the pool--and yes, I went in after February, early in the morning=very cold pool!!!

Next up was to see our godson, River--isn't he a cutie!

Notice Robert in the background:

Me and my little man:
This has to be one of my favorites.  I could just eat up those cheeks!:

Feeding him didn't go too well:

Riv and Robert like their Sperry's:

Aunt Heather finally got to meet her niece Maddie:

The next day was a day full of fun with Mema and Aunt Munchkin and cousins:

Gotta get the family photo in--too bad Abigail didn't come for this one:

Oh, Richmond Hill, how I miss you:

Aunt Munchkin was a great trooper.  Can you count how many dogs are on her:

Ah, Maddie likes Aunt Munchkins lap.  It's a safe place when you get rid of the rest of them:
Don't worry, Max got some quality time in with Robert:

Sunday we had the privilege of going to worship at RHUMC and got to see the beautiful new youth room.  I have been wanting to write about this experience in this series but somehow have not sat down to blog lately.  I do hope to continue this soon.  Here is a picture from the new Youth Room.  You can read these posts for more details:  Here I am, Lord
After worship it was time to head back to the ATL.  It was a great visit and we look forward to going back for a weekend in May to celebrate with some dear friends of ours graduating from high school (aka those youngins that were in the 7th grade when the Lord first sent me to the Hill to be in ministry!)!  

Maddie was tuckered out from the weekend and this is what she looked like in her box for the majority of the 4.5 hour drive:

We love each and every one of you in Richmond Hill and look forward to another visit soon.  Thank you for holding a very dear place in our hearts!

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Katie said...

Thought of you as I had coffee at Hill of Beans... goodness knows I miss those days of sharing over coffee... miss you- come to Florida!