Friday, May 1, 2009

Easter 2009

Aren't y'all proud of me?  We've definitely had a week of me blogging things out of order! :)

Finally, here are our pics from Easter.  Mom bought me a pretty Easter dress, but it was 40 degrees when I left my house at 6:45 in the morning!  So...dress didn't make it--but it did make an appearance at the wedding we went to the following weekend!  

Following church, Robert and I went out for Mexican food---how's that for starting a family tradition?  Really, I did have good intentions on cooking---but my delayed flight coming back from Maine the night before Easter put me home later and not in the mood for the grocery store---so my sweet husband suggested Mexican--so we went and enjoyed lunch...and then we went to the grocery store so that I could cook dinner later on--which I did and we enjoyed an evening at home watching the Amazing Race!

So there's our Easter update and it's not even a month late---now if I could just get the pics up of Maine we'll be doing good.  :)  

Enjoy the scrapbook (it's only 8 pages long--it won't take long to look at we promise! :)
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Ashley said...

That is so cute!

a cup bearer said...

Loved the pictures!!! Thanks for posting them!