Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just thought I'd share...

Just thought I'd share a few pictures of a trip we took last month to Birmingham.  Right now Amelia and I are just hanging out in the living room enjoying a rainy Tuesday afternoon.  Funny how I complained about the rain all weekend while we were in Richmond Hill, but for right now, in this very moment, I am grateful for a lazy afternoon with the rain falling outside.  I know I should be doing something--like cleaning the house that looks like a tornado came through it thanks to our suitcases, but I just want to sit still.  (Don't worry--I do have a load of laundry going and the dish washer going, so this isn't a completely still moment).

I have lots to blog about from this past weekend, but before I make an effort to find the cord to the camera to have pictures to blog about, I thought I'd share a few fun pics from Birmingham.  Thanks for sharing life with us!

Here we go:
We started our day by discovering this really cool coffee shop downtown called Safari Cup.
After we took this picture we realized it was probably rude to have our feet up on the coffee table.  Oops.. But the little spot provided the perfect spot to read the Word together and start our day.
Yep, feet still on the table, but I fell in love with these things:
The are called Cool Corc and you can see there website here.  I thought it was so neat that I kept mine, cut it and made it into a bookmark that is now in my Bible. I know, I'm a dork.

Down the street we discovered this beautiful church---that we took lots of pics of, but I'll just share one that Robert took...
Our goal on our little trips is to always go to the places we can't go at home--which causes an adventure and stumbling upon places such as Safari Cup, but we were on the hunt for this place thanks to the suggestion from our friends Daniel & Taylor who just moved from Birmingham to come on staff at RiverStone.  It's called the Urban Standard. If you are ever in Birmingham, you must go---and if you are there on June 5th you have to go because our friend Daniel is playing there.  Here's a pic from inside:
Robert looks thrilled---but the point of this picture was the medal looking thingys hanging from the curtain behind him---I had some vivid flashbacks from my childhood sitting here.  They were all from Europe--and they were the exact type medals I got when I was a kid living in Germany when we use to go on walks/marches and get medals--I know random, but cool flashback!  I immediately called mom and asked if we still had my medals and she said, yes that they were in the attic and asked if I wanted them.  I said, sure.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them.  Maybe I should get a big burlap curtain like they did and hang them :)  I'm sure that will look nice in the new house, don't you think so???  :)
The next day we headed back downtown and took a few more pictures and ate at Newks thanks to the recommendation of Robert's Aunt and Uncle that so graciously allowed us to stay with them for the weekend.

We then headed to the Botanical Gardens.  Absolutely perfect Saturday afternoon together!  We enjoyed strolling through, stopping and talking and having some fun with our camera:

I want a spot like this in our new backyard...think it's too much to ask? :)
And I know I've shared this picture in a previous post, but in closing, I'm going to share it again, because I like it! :)

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