Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, Amelia

We have a roommate this summer and we are ecstatic that a) she is here b) the Lord is so good and c) He wants to pour out His goodness this Summer over ALL of us!

Amelia came 2 weeks ago to start her Burning Ones Internship here at RiverStone.  Amelia is a dear friend of mine and we spent a lot of time together during my time at RHUMC.  It is a joy to have her in our home and to see her on a daily basis once again.  Amelia has just spent her Freshman year at UGA.  We are coming in high expectations of what the Lord wants to do through all of us (myself included) through this internship.

My purpose of telling you this is that Amelia is blogging her internship.  So--I'd like to suggest that you subscribe to her blog, add it to your Google Reader--or whatever other form of keeping up with blogs that you use--add her!  And if you haven't clicked on her name yet (persistent aren't I?) then you can click here for her blog.

Amelia, we are grateful for you and glad you are here!

Amelia and Luke at Graduation last year.  Can't believe it's already been a year!

I share this picture with you as it's from her freshman year at UGA.  If you only knew how often Amelia and I prayed that God would give her friends that LOVE JESUS @ UGA then you would know why this picture is so important.  Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers so abundantly! (She's the second one from the right).

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Amelia said...

LOVE YOU! I've been gone for a day and a half and I feel weird.
You & Bert are such a blessing in my life. It's been so good for my heart to be reunited with ya'll! Thank You for taking me in during the internship!