Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Checking in

So I know I've been a little sketch and not been on the blog lately--and it's hands down because SUMMER CAMP IS THIS WEEKEND! I've been trying to be diligent and make the most of my down time with Jesus and my hubby, so I apologize for the lack of letting you know of the McLendon Whereabouts!

We are doing good. A few road trips here and there and looking forward to our first RiverStone Summer Camp. Looks like we'll have about 440 people at camp. Crazy eh? It's not about numbers, but geez, it increases your level of expectation!! Jesus is up to something and we are super excited! They say around here that they think we might be the only 10 year old church with a 40 year old camp. Insane, right? I keep checking our RiverStone website to see if they've posted the sermon from Sunday up yet, because really everyone needs to hear it. It's about Spiritual Fathers and a) God's word 'll rock your socks off, b) it'll challenge the mess out of you, c) it explains the roots of camp and the roots of RiverStone. I'll let you know as soon as they post it and would love for all of you to take the time to listen to a) hear about where the Lord has us and b) to let it challenge you in being a Spiritual Father/Mother.

So on that note, what's the Lord up to in your life? What's He showing you??? What does He have you reading this summer? I'm reading a few books, but I just started my Summer Bible Study. It's called "Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild." Beth Moore is facilitating it on her blog. A group of ladies did a bible study through her blog last summer, but now we have all scattered across the state of Georgia---but we are still going to do it together. We have a private blog that we pour our hearts into and share what the Lord is teaching us. It's not the same as sitting around a living room with one another, but it's good for accountability and it's so good to study the Word of God with some crazy head over heels in love with Jesus women! So, even though we are scattered between the hill, columbus, lawrenceville and the atl, I'm walking in expectation that Jesus wants to do something in us through this study! Come Lord!

Gotta run for now, but wanted to share with you a song we sang in Cell Group the other day. I've been singing it nonstop and listening to it on youtube continually--so of course I wanna share it with you...enjoy! (For those getting this in an email and/or a feed, there's a video over here on our blog--so you should come visit it!)

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