Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a few follow ups and a few prayer requests...

a few follow ups---

a)  we survived summer camp counselor training!  thank you for praying for us! only 3 more weeks and it'll be here!  would love for you to see what our summer camp is about...so go here.  i confessed at staff meeting today that i haven't freaked out yet---and haven't decided if that's good or bad...so prayer warriors, keep it up!

b)  have you checked out amelia's blog yet?  remember me harassing you a few weeks back, yeah, it's me harassing you again, so if you haven't yet, check out Amelia' s blog here.  I've also put a link up to it on the top left hand side of our blog if you need to refer back!  For the original post of me harassing you, click here.

c)  maddie came home today--without too many complications.  she's on anti-inflammatories---to help with her limp that apparently comes with just being a basset hound (sad i know!).  she's recovering from her "surgery" but was really, really close to "being a woman" (for lack of better words)....so what does that mean--it's been a little messy today--on me, just in time to walk into staff prayer (you can go ahead and throw up---because i almost did)---and we have to keep her away from "boys" for two weeks...easier said than done--did we mention we live in an apartment complex, yeah, it's going to be a fun two weeks

d)  remember the blog I told you about our worship pastor Daniel being on the 700 club and gave you the link to his interview?  well now there is a full interview online if you didn't get to watch it on tv--what I sent out earlier was the "interview" they did before hand, but what we have now was the "live" interview.  we watched it together in staff--and i think you should watch it too---so go here.  It's really, really good, so go, watch it....let the Lord use it to challenge you as it did me!  (side note--if you already watched the first clip, they show that in the beginning of this new one, so be sure to keep watching to watch the stuff that comes after the pre-interview).

e) today.  june 9th.  holds a lot of memories. a lot of emotion. it was two years ago today that our friend ashlee died.  my heart still can't grasp all of it.  my heart still has not healed.  this week holds a lot for a lot of us--at least 29 of us--i've already been thinking of and pondering how i would blog on june 11th--2 years since our honduras accident and have decided to post our story--the "sermon"  i shared upon our arrival home.  so hold on for the 11th and i'll post it. but for now, even if you don't know the story...please pray for our hearts.  pray God would continue to minister healing to those involved.  pray that ashlee's story would continue to be used to glorify our Father in Heaven and Salvation would come.

thank you for loving us and for praying for us.  we love you!

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.........Bill......... said...

Look forward to hearing the story again. Blessings.