Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Good morning my husband!  Today marks a very special day---the day the Lord had planned for you to come into this world and begin the marvelous journey HE has laid out for you!  

You are God's gift to me and I could not imagine my life with out you.  You are a constant source of encouragement, comfort, joy in my life.  Thank you for wiping away more tears than you probably had counted on.  Thank you for holding my hand and walking life with me.  Thank for being the spiritual leader that God intended for me.  Thank you for your sweet hugs.  Thank you for making me laugh more than I probably ever thought possible.

You are a gift Robert McLendon.  

Thank you for being a constant rock for me to lean on!
I love you! Enjoy your day hubby!

ps---sorry this is short---there is more to come, but for now, we have to be at the church in 12 minutes and I'm still in my pj's!  Nothing short of a perfect example of our life together!  

pps---for those reading, today is ALSO amelia's birthday!  Amelia--we love you.  We are grateful for you and the joy you bring to our lives!  HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY!!!!  Now everyone needs to head on over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday!

ppss---you just said babe, we gotta go!!!  aaaahhhh, but on a final note, Robert's mom wrote a blog on should go visit it for more! :)

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