Saturday, June 6, 2009

A little teaser...

Don't think I've forgotten about sharing Memorial Day with you...but I must say, with Memorial Day--it means Summer officially started--which we all know what that means if you are in Youth Ministry--on that note, just got home from a camping trip with our juniors and seniors.  It was successful--only ONE encounter with a snake :) well one real one, a few with a fake one :)  But not gonna lie, I'm really, really looking forward to Monday--which will be a day off--the first one in 9 days...

But for now, here's a few pics of my little man from our visit home during Memorial Day--Robert and I had the privilege of keeping him for a little bit one afternoon and we got to spend some quality time with him and his parents on a few occasions on this visit home--much needed!

Time with Uncle Bert:
Doesn't he look so grown up?:
More fun with Uncle Bert:

Walker Family photo time:

I could eat him up:

Aunt Sandi with River--meeting Maddie for the first time:
Our first picture--of Heather and I with our "children".  Maddie likes River--not sure River likes Maddie...
Finally on our last day there---the SUN came out and we got some sunshine and River got some action in the hot tub --don't worry--we turned it down to a "warm" pool temperature! :)
To close up this little "teaser" we'll leave you with a video of our little man.  I mean really... Who could resist him!? :)

Okay, we'll post more later--pray for us if you think of it!  We have Summer Camp counselor training tomorrow following church.  I've ordered 20 pounds of bbq to feed everyone--I really feel like some things never change in my life! :)  And one more picture..taken the other evening at our first Wednesday Night Youth of the Summer...think Cory and I are ready for summer?  Or have we lost our minds already?  :)

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