Wednesday, June 10, 2009

thought for the day

Today begins a very busy 3 days....we are heading across Atlanta to attend the Jesus Culture Conference.  In a desperate moment to sit still this morning before the next 3 days begin, I read this by Smith Wigglesworth, 

"I appeal to you who have been filled with the Holy Spirit:  whatever the cost, let God have His way.  I appeal to you who have to move on, who cannot rest until God does something for you.  God has been revealing to me that anyone who does not sin yet remains in the same place spiritually for a week is a backslider.  You say, "How is that possible?"  Because God's revelation is available to anyone who will wholeheartedly be committed to following God.

Staying the same for two days would almost indicate that you had lost the vision.  The child of God must have a fresh vision every day.  The child of God must be more active by the Holy Spirit every day.  The child of God must come into line with the power of heaven, where he knows that God has put His hand upon him."

I'm just going to leave you with that and let the Lord speak to you as He will.  Enjoy today with Jesus!

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