Friday, July 10, 2009


**This blog was started on Saturday, July 4th (a day in which ended up being 13 hours of laundry and never getting out of my pj's!).....and wrapped up, Friday, July 10th. Sorry for the delay and it's probably not all the info you wanted either. I'll work on that! :) For real, I had a really good conversation about my heart with my friend Heidi this week and she asked me if I had blogged about it. So, I'll get to that, I promise. For now, enjoy these crazy pics!

On the morning of July 4th, I wrote:
We made it! We hauled our luggage up 3 flights of stairs around midnight last night. Finally went to bed around 2am. I woke up 7 hours later--Robert's still asleep! I've enjoyed a quiet morning of the only sound being the washing machine/dryer attempting to rid of the smell of summer camp. Easier said than done. Poor machines. They are getting their workout today!

I'm rambling, because I really don't know where to begin. The week was incredible. I really can't formulate words at the moment. I hope each of you were able to follow our Summer Camp Blog that Annie kept up during the week and did a great job for us. Also, do we have anyone out there that watched the live feed? Incredible that we have all of summer camp on demand now and can go back and see what the Lord did in our lives.

I didn't take too many pictures this week, as we had someone there to take pictures and make videos, so my camera was not used that often, but I did manage to capture some funny pictures that I'll share with you. I'll put up some other pics from our photographer in a little bit. For now, here are mine: (Side note--God did INCREDIBLE things--but somehow I only managed to get silly pictures--which means I promise to get some other pictures up here asap!)

Kristin's personal survival kit for summer camp:
And the other factor of surviving summer camp--I turned a nook in our room into my own little prayer room. Notice the rod in the left hand corner. Thank you Suzanne Smith! And the prayer shawl from Israel--thank you Dana and Mandy!
"Morning Thing" --which was our early morning game time--was done by none other, my most precious husband and our friend Justin. Somehow I only got one pic of the two of them--as they watched their games come to life!
Robert, Annie (our Morning Thing Diva!) and Justin--Our Morning Thing Team
"Evening Activities" --were a hoot! It was our time each evening to have a really funny/hilarious time together. Tuesday Night was the Hoe Down. Here's a few pics of us. Hands off ladies! This man is mine! :)

Robert and his friend Michael:

I just think this picture is funny:
Amelia and I showing off our cowboy boots--I just had to show off my $2.99 cowboy boots from the thrift store! No worries, they were kid size and had rhinestones on them :)

Sometime during the evening, Robert decided his outfit wasn't complete and he needed a belt. A duct tape belt.

And well I ended up in this outfit for the rest of the evening because I never made it back up that forsaken hill to my room to yes, I was dressed like this for worship. I did at one point decide to take my pigtails out because I found I wasn't able to take myself seriously.
Oh, Amelia. Yes, I love this girl, but really.....she is such a woman after my own heart. This was how she came walking in to find me one afternoon:

Kathy, oh, not words for how much I love this girl!
So, 3 years ago this group of girls won a meal at The Waffle House provided by Cory. These girls just graduated high school and it was their last time to camp as I had the privilege of paying Cory's debt at 7:15 in the morning :) Good times, good times! These girls have been a HUGE blessing to me this year. Don't know what I'm going to do when they scatter this fall. (From GC&SU to Australia).
And here we are to another evening activity. Thursday evening was the "Dance". This dance happens each year with a new theme. This year was "Red Carpet Awards Show throughout the Decades." I was asked to be Taylor Swift and perform. Yes, my friends. Our performance is still on the internet. Not sure I want to point you to where you can find this...I'm having flashbacks of my friends that got ahold of pictures of me being attacked in the Cayman Islands by stingrays---those pictures still reappear. So for now, enjoy these:

Grace Ann (my saving grace for Summer Camp and Summer 2009. Don't know what I would have done without her!!! No worries, I've let her know she can't return to Samford in the Fall.) Grace Ann is on the left, me, I mean Taylor Swift in the middle, and Haley. Oh, Haley. Yeah, would not have survived camp or even known where to start to plan camp without this magnificent lady.
Grace Ann and I:
Did I mention Robert was in my performance with me? We originally brought him a "preppy" outfit for the performance but mid Thursday afternoon Robert had a vision to bring back his hoe down man....hilarious. Oh, the things this man does for me. Thank you Jesus!
Alrighty, this post has been a week in the making, so we'll close on this note. Thank you for all the prayers you invested into Summer Camp. Lives were changed. You can still watch it all online by clicking here.

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