Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We just pulled back into the atl. Our (as in amelia and i) ride home was interesting. We encountered lots of rain, lots of pretty lightning, a homeless couple, a chic fil-a, a qt, a dog and a cat buckled in the backseat, and a somehow awkward sunset, focus on the family, dave ramsey and pete greig. We took pictures, don't worry. But, we just unloaded everything (including the cat and the dog) and the camera is still in the car. I'm not going back down 3 flights of stairs. Sorry. :) And there are some pictures that involve bananas that I want to share with you, but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

The point of this post is in reference to last nights blog (don't worry--I did take a steroid pill-my first of 5 days-this morning, but I haven't taken the benadryl yet. It's coming soon. And needs to come real soon. Gotta be back in the office around 9ish in the morning.) So back to last nights blog. My friend Lucy is in need of clothing. She says she wears between a size 8-10 in shorts/pants. I'm guessing shirts from a med-large. I would love to bless my friend this Sunday with some clothes (they don't have to be brand new--just new to her and something you find would bless her). Socks apparently are a hot commodity as well in this community-so if you have these, please donate these as well.

Unfortunately as mentioned above, I am back in the atl, so my dear friend Heidi is going to help me with this project, but I would love to rally the troops and have you all help me. If you are in the hill and are able to help--because we would really like to bless her by this Sunday--at least to start with. You can contact Heidi at or you can drop it off at the Cadre Shop, 2451 US Highway 17 (Harveys shopping plaza) and say it's a package for Heidi.

If you are in the atl and want to help, I will make another trip to the hill around the end of the month/early august, so we have a few more weeks to gather the troops. So size 8/10 shorts/pants. Med/Large shirts. Personal Hygiene products would be great too. (and don't forget socks!) Anything you can think of and ask the Lord for that would bless this beautiful 23 year old.

Thank you for partnering with me/us. Y'all are awesome and I can't wait to see what the Lord does!

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a cup bearer said...

We have an incredible "Samaritan's Closet" here. Items go for 50 cents and $1. They are open Thurs.-Sat. Would you like for me to see what I can find, or better yet, could you and RTM ride down one day? I would LOVE seeing you both.