Saturday, July 25, 2009

The past year...

There aren't words to describe how excited I am about moving from our apartment to a house--yesterday was fantabulous! Having a back door and saying "Maddie go outside" and she goes and does her business--and three flights of stairs aren't involved...oh, there aren't words..but now this is a horrible run-on sentence, so it must stop!

All that to say, we are really excited, but the apartment life has been good to us. No grass to cut, a very well manicured lawn, a big beautiful pool waiting for us at all times, air conditioner broke (and it did) maintenance men were there in a jiffy. Our own dryer wouldn't work--within a day maintenance men were outside cutting a hole in the side of the building for us. If we weren't home and the ups man decided to visit we had some awesome ladies in the front office that would gladly sign for us--so we didn't have to sit around and wait or go hunt down the ups office (because a year later, I have no idea where that would be!). A view of the mountain--especially when it snowed--was magnificent. The lake we have had to walk our new puppy around...oh, the memories of our first attempt and she couldn't make it all the way around and we had to carry her home. Now she runs the entire length of it. Good thing. Don't think I could carry this now 40 pound puppy home. Our prayer room that I've spent many of hours in--that has turned into Amelia's room--but she still calls it her prayer room with a bed in it. That rooms been good to us. And having Amelia here has been extra special. And finally, there is a special spot I'm really going to miss from this apartment and it is this--picture taken just a few moments ago from the cell phone:

Our porch. It's been really good to me. There were moments that I would curl up in warm pj pants, sweatshirt, hoodie over the head, blankets and socks just to be out there. There were times I was dripping with sweat, but refused to come in. Jesus and I hung out here. A lot. Our prayer room is great--but Jesus and I really like to be outside together. A lone. Before the rest of the day got busy. This is where it started.

Thank you Jesus for this Secret Place with You. Thank you for the sweet moments You and I have shared here. Thank you for the tears you've wiped away here. Thank you for the sweet revelation of Your Word here. Thank you for Your sweet whispers.

Okay, Just heard Robert's alarm go off--so back to the new place to finish up painting today so we can finally really start to move...but in closing, how 'bout you? Where is your special place for you and the Lord?

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