Thursday, July 16, 2009


You might think I finally became a johnny on the spot blogger like I so often mention about wanting to become-not so much. We just happen to be in Perry and my McMom and I bought our cameras together, the same ones, last fall, so she had a cord I could borrow!

So lucky for you, you get pictures as they happen on this road trip. We got here this evening in time for a yummy home cooked meal and then McMom suggested we ride out to a field of sunflowers. Did she even know how much I love sunflowers?? I don't think so, but I was so excited!!!

We hooked Maddie in her seatbelt, camera in hand and headed out. I absolutely love when Maddie gets to run free. Having spent these first 8 months of her life in an apartment, I love to see her run. And run she did. Enjoy the pics! :)

Inside the hunting lodge, Maddie thought she'd check out the bobcat:
Attempt number one to get a family photo...notice Maddie between our legs:
There we go:
Maddie loved the freedom:

McDad explaining all the little flowers inside the big flower:

Maddie on the run:
Looking pretty:
**We ended up having technical difficulties posting--so as current as I thought this might be when we begun, but now it's Friday night and we finally got 'em up. Oh, well. It was worth a try! :)

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a cup bearer said...

She's such a sweet thing! Great pictures, too.