Friday, July 10, 2009

What 48 hours can do for your heart...

As mentioned in a few earlier blogs this week...I went back to the Hill to pick up our furballs that were at MeMa and Grandaddy's house for the week. I made it into a mini 48 hour vacation. The Lord blessed me with many things that were really good for me WHAT MY HEART NEEDED!

Best way to show this to through PICTURES!

Have you read my two blogs about bananas yet? If not, go here and here. I didn't get any pictures with the people we hung out with, but I did manage to get some of Heidi and I and our case of bananas! :) Thank you Heidi for this adventure. The Lord used you mightily Tuesday morning in my life!

After our adventure in the park--it was off to see my godson, little man River. HE'S WALKING NOW!!! Yes, at 8 1/2 months he started walking and I got to see it! I have a video I'll post in a little bit, but here are a few of my favorite pictures that I captured of this precious little man!

River got ahold of my bible and decided he wanted to show his parents that he really likes RiverStone Church and wants to move to Kennesaw/Marietta. When you are new to RiverStone we have this thing called, Taste of RiverStone that you attend...I think River's already liking the taste of it. Just sayin:

My phone decided it didn't want to work at all while I was in the Hill--so it became a good chew toy:
This one is for Ash. He's a nalgene drinker already! (Not quite sure why this is underlining, but I'm going to give up on trying to fix it).
Off to Aunt Sandi and Uncle Roy's house to play with Maddie. Really, River, Maddie just wanted to play with you! :)

Next day it was off to the beach--rain or shine. Last time we were home, a tropical depression sat on top of Savannah and no sand made it to my toes. It was so depressing. So, this go around it rained again, but I wasn't letting it stop me. I have such a great BFF in Heather, that she was a trooper and put up with my wild ideas. We never unpacked our beach stuff from the car, but instead went for a nice leisurely walk that allowed sand in the toes (this of course was after we jumped back in the car upon our arrival to SSI when the bottom fell out of the sky!)

Here are few pics from this part of the adventure:

Such a good friend...look at that cloud! She never once complained!

Self portraits are always the best...

Oh, the marsh. How I miss you:

Back to the house to hang out with River just a little bit more (and take more pictures of course!)

Yeah, self portraits, really not the best:

Back to the parents house for a little rest by the pool and reading of the Word before dinner and hitting the road:

Maddie for some reason thought it'd be fun to play chase with Abigail around the pool. Abigail thought, not so much:

I don't know what Abigail was trying to tell me about her fascination with my chacos:

One of my favorite things about the coast (I know you can eat this off the coast, but I'm a seafood snob, so on the coast is where I eat seafood and mom know's this about me and always fulfills my longing for seafood while at home.) Low country boil--one of my absolute favs!

Abigail thinks she wants to enjoy it too:

Time to pack took this much stuff.

The not so happy campers in the backseat:

Look at that nifty seat belt. Yeah, she's not a fan:

Our ride home consisted of lots of this:

And then finally this:
In closing you didn't think I could leave you out of this did you:

Remember that bee sting I mentioned a few blogs back? Well, I got stung Sunday morning and by Tuesday afternoon it was growing at a rapid rate that I ended up at Urgent Care. They gave me a steroid shot and then gave me 5 days of steroid pills...and letting me know from now on that when stung by a bee and people ask you if you are allergic, you have to say yes. Here's what it looked like right after the shot (leg is wet due to the lovely rain!) This picture really doesn't do it justice. There was a lovely red large ring that went around it that doesn't show up in this picture: (don't worry, mom measured it--it was 3 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall):

And this was Wednesday:

Okay, now I can let you go! Thanks for enjoying my mini-vacation with me!

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Ashley said...

Looks like it was a fabulous trip to the Hill. Since I'm heading there tomorrow, maybe the Lord has a little adventure for me too.

And I am so glad that River has already started using a Nalgene. We just need to get you one without a flower on it :)