Sunday, August 23, 2009

Checking In


Sorry. Had to celebrate there for a moment. Robert and I went two different directions this weekend, but when we reunited this afternoon the first thing he did was head to the garage and go on the hunt for our wireless router and hooked it all up for me. Isn't he the sweetest! :) So, here we are. Having internet again. Sorry you had to hear me complain about that one for a good month!

It's Sunday night and all the McLendon's are back in their little cottage in Kennesaw. Robert had his bachelor weekend for his best friend Luke and Maddie and I did this:

(No worries--we were stopped at a stop light when I took this picture, so it was not taken while technically driving and no one was harmed).
(Okay, well I was moving in this picture, but there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AROUND and it was a straight shot of road--a straight shot for 156 MILES!!!!!)

Again. This makes the 6th time in 14 days I've seen this stretch of road--only the 4th time for Maddie. But it's quite alright. It was well worth it. If you read last weeks post for my dad (if you didn't, you can go read it here), you would have known that dad would be looking for his birthday present on Thursday. Well, it was yours truly with a card and gift in hand. He was surprised. I decided this weekend that I love surprises. I found myself getting all nervous as I pulled into Richmond Hill. Really, I had no reason to be nervous, but it's the anticipation and hoping that you really make that persons day. How bout you? Are you a person who loves or hates surprises???

Also, while home I got to spend some good quality time with my dear friend Heather--she even taught me the ins and outs of garage sale shopping. I plan on putting these new skills into action--I'll keep you posted on how this goes.

And while Robert was in Atlanta with the guys--doing guy things--bowling, going to a Braves game, etc., I got to do some wedding stuff myself. My friend Amanda is also getting married in September (Robert and I are in weddings back to back weekends in September)...and I'm the Matron of Honor. I was quite excited that I got to attend a bridal shower for her and then actually get to do a trial run with the dress! :) Good girl time!

One last thing about home, while I was there, I took advantage of home having internet and caught up on my Google Reader and well gave our blog a facelift. I know most of you get this in an email or read it on a something such as Google Reader, so if you haven't seen our actual blog lately, you should click there now.

One last tidbit of randomness for the evening--our neighbor knocked on our door this afternoon and asked if we wanted her patio furniture. I've made a couple of comments to Robert how I like her patio furniture and wouldn't you know it, she GAVE IT TO US! I was so excited. It's kinda rustic/antiquish (pretty sure I just made that word up)/old looking and I love it. It seats 4. Upgrade from our little table that seats 2. And the weather today---it was in the mid-70's early afternoon. Heavenly.

Okay, this blog has been random enough, so I'll sign off for now. Just wanted everyone to know we are alive and back in the world of communication.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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