Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I miss my daddy

Today is my daddy's birthday. All day today I have been pondering how I might be able to honor him on his special day. That thought process has given me a walk through the past 26 years (because let's be honest-I don't remember the first 3-and me giving you the numbers-yes-just admitted I turn 30 in oh, 2 months...AAHHH. Okay, focus, focus.)

I've thought of many things. From living in California and being a San Francisco Giants and 49er's fan because my daddy was. Getting a birthday card from Antarctica from my dad on one of those childhood single digit birthdays--really, who else can say that?

From having a sports car together before my little sis entered the world. From traveling all over Europe because my dad was a Major in the Air Force and it took me to places most kids (okay, adults for that matter) dream of going to. Him teaching me how to ski in Austria. Him coming home on a Friday afternoon and asking me if I wanted to go skiing-just me and him-with another father/daughter duo in France for the weekend. Yes, one of the most significant memories in my life.

From moving to Illinois-being early 90's-start of Desert Storm, all military got to go to the St. Louis Cardinal games for $1. So we went, a lot. Probably have seen that team play more than any other and deep down (don't tell anyone around here) I'm still a Cardinal fan at heart.

On came college and I am a graduate of The University of Georgia because my dad made me a promise and he fulfilled it wholeheartedly. Since college, I chose a career path most didn't see coming, but never once has my dad's support of me wavered. To quote a letter my dad once wrote me and I have taped into the inside cover of my Bible, "You bring joy into my life. I take great pride in who you are and how you live your life. Whatever life brings your way in the future, I know you will make the choices that are right for you. I will support you in whatever you do. I wish you the very best." I read this letter often and hold it close to my heart as his support of me is one I don't take for granted.

Throughout this trip down memory lane I've come to one conclusion. Okay two. The first being I would not be who I am today if it weren't for my daddy. Many passions I have instilled in me come from being his daughter. Number two, I miss my daddy. All day today, I've wished I was in another town to just be there to spend the day with him. I miss him more than words can express and yes, tears are welling as I write this, so I must stop.

Today, daddy may you know I am your number one fan and I love you with all that I have. Your birthday present is coming. I apologize for the delay--but be looking for it on Thursday.

I love you!

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