Thursday, August 13, 2009

Worth fighting the fight

Throughout the years as I've been in ministry, I can say one of my main focuses has been modesty and what our role is as Christian women to our Christian Brothers. I read a blog today that put 6 years of my sticking to this on a screen. Not that I needed to know this, but once again I realized it really is something worth fighting for with the young women the Lord puts in my life, and therefore I will continue to fight the fight (because that's exactly what it boils down to way too often!). I just had to pass it on to the rest of you.

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Lisa Gentry said...

Thanks Kristin. Being in India has really helped me appreciate modesty. The women here are so beautiful and feminine, yet modest beyond belief. It is a tremendous help to their brothers and eliminates a lot of filth from the culture. Yet, they take more pride in their appearance than we typically do. So it doesn't have to be a 'paper bag' either or option like so many people think. Blessings to you!