Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great weekend with lots of people (and animals) we love. What about you? How did you spend your Labor Day weekend?

Here's a quick recap:

The Wyatts and Hendersons came to town and we met up with them and spent all day Saturday with them. To say they made 5 years of ministry possible for me in Richmond Hill would be an understatement. These people hold a very very dear place in my heart. The words Thank You are never big enough.

Our Amelia returned home to her room! Now forever to be known as "Amelia's Room." Have I mentioned I love this girl? Okay, just checking.

Maddie also had a special guest for the weekend. Lexi came to visit and well we felt it best to put them all in the same room. Don't they look cute? All 3 of them?

Lexi, right before her mom Kelli came to pick her up.
And Maddie at the same moment-they played HARD all weekend and had a great time! I'm banking on Maddie sleeping the next 3 days!
We also had a moment of sharing ice cream with our family that lives up here-but failed to get a picture. It was a great moment of catching up --and realizing we need to take advantage of even a quick moment of quality time.

It was a great weekend! Not to mention Rita Springer was at RiverStone this weekend to lead worship am and pm on Sunday. Oh, my heart is content. If there is any one woman who's ministry has greatly impacted my life--it would be her. I am truly grateful for her. Sidenote-if you haven't downloaded her two newest songs, you need to do so. Go to her website and they are on the home page. We sang both of the songs yesterday and oh, my. I absolutely can not wait till the whole cd comes out. I might sacrifice a meal for that one. In all seriousness, this woman walks in a thick anointing and we had the type of worship experience yesterday that the presence of the Lord was thick. You know the one that you can not absolutely move because He is just that good! Oh, Jesus. We love you.

Well, that is how we spent our Labor Day weekend. Tell us how you spent yours! Comment section is open!

We love you!

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