Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st

Thanks for the week off from the blog--and for praying us! We are recuperating--well at least trying to! "Recoup" equals going to the doctor today and them telling me my sinuses are swollen almost completely shut--not infected, just swollen. Lovely. A shot in the hiney and reminiscing of Costa Rica, I now find myself wrapped up in my pj's and on the couch. So....

On this first day of September--THAT FEELS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE OUTSIDE--just wish I could go out and enjoy it--I thought I'd share a few (okay maybe more than a few) pictures of our Summer--the ones that somehow didn't make it onto the blog--so we'll call it, "The Summer Whereabouts of the McLendons." So many of these deserve their own blogs, but well Summer meant busy and we're gonna do 3 months of blog worthiness right here...

You ready for the ride? Here we go (warning-will be random and fly from one event to the next--and if it already got blogged about, it got skipped in this recap)...

To the Hill we went to see my babies graduate--and when I say babies, I mean babies. They were in the 7th grade when I became their youth pastor--and they all just started their Freshman year of college in the past few weeks. I am so proud of each and every one of them.

Katie the Valedictorian:
Tim, Class VP
Arent' they cute:
Stephen, Class P

Love, love, love them all....

My triplets all grown up:

Tim. This boy has my heart.
Maddie got a new bed this summer thanks to her grandparents--for some reason I felt compelled to try it out for her.
Maddie destroyed her beloved pink.
Don't know if destroyed is even a big enough word to describe this.
Somewhere in the midst of summer I decided to make pot roast. No biggie. Till I put it on the fine china and took a picture. Ah, the things you do. For no apparent reason...other than to enjoy the simple things in life.
I got a new desk this summer--the beauty of it is that Robert and my sidekick for the summer-Grace Ann-put it together for me. It came with about 21 steps and they put it together in the middle of the office. Why I'm in my office taking a picture of them is beyond me...I guess I could have offered to help!
A road trip to Peachtree City to see my girls-The Crappiott Crew. We celebrated Shavuot together..

Love these girls:
We had a golf tournament somewhere in the midst of the summer to raise money for Summer Camp:
Ah, it's tough being an intern sometimes: Amelia on the left..Ashley on the right. Amelia--you're still reading her blog right? Well, Ash on the right is "Moment with Ashley" Ashley. She's back out in KC now, so we'll get those up and going again soon-right Ash?
Somewhere in there we went camping with our Juniors and Seniors--like primitive-tent camping. We did have a shelter type thingy covering the hole in the ground they called a toilet....

Amelia and I looking like we know what we are talking about:
Love this girl. Love the way she loves Jesus.

Cory and Robert-our grill masters for the weekend:
Um. Yeah. Enough said. I was in the van--taking the picture...

They stole my bandana and look what they did to it...
Robert and I packed a picnic--for the following event....we ate in the parking lot. This picture is a perfect example of our life:
Our picnic-leftovers from a Student Ministry Info meeting:
And Robert's surprise for his birthday:

We live here now. Still crazy.

Amelia and Robert share the same bday----The interns were on a Daniel fast during their birthdays--so here's Amelia's "cake"...

And here's Robert's cake: (we were at a conference called Jesus Culture for their birthdays)....
Aren't they cute...the birthday boy and girl:

To avoid conflict with our neighbors, Robert put these to use over the summer:

And well Maddie and Amelia did this a lot...yeah, they're buds. Maddie's still depressed Amelia's not here anymore....

Crappiotts came to Kennesaw/Marietta for Rita Springer and well the 5 of us haven't been together in awhile, so it was quite exciting. We made our own pizza's out of lots of HEALTHY good for you food!

Heather doesn't own big sunglasses--
The 5 together again:
Maddie and Amelia again.
My youth are old enough to get married and we've been around the state this summer bearing witness to it. Makes a girl proud. :) First stop-Athens:

Our attempt at taking a picture of ourselves in the mirror--didn't work to well--but thank you Dana for a place to get dressed!
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Benoit:

Love this town.

What I wouldn't do for my own little spot like this. Yes, it's on campus.

Really love this town.
Oh, my friend Dan. It was so good to see him. He has such a special place in my heart. During Todd's (youth getting married) senior year I took him and a few other seniors to Athens and Dan and Todd met--and look what happened---Dan stood by his side as he became a husband!
A better attempt at taking our own picture:
We cut cable in our most recent move. Maddie didn't give it up without a fight:

We celebrated Cory's birthday. Look what our sweet interns did: Makes a girl proud:

And I made him Lisa Lyle grits and called it a "cake"
Some where during the summer, Abigail wanted to make her presence known and take over Maddie's bed:
Have I mentioned I have great friends here. Meet one--Kelli. Kelli and I went to Costa Rica together---for my VERY FIRST TRIP TO COSTA RICA--AND IT WAS ACTUALLY MY VERY FIRST MISSION TRIP! Kelli and I also got baptized together a few years back at a Rita Springer conference. Now, we live in the same town again...7 years later. I'm grateful for her friendship.
Can you guess what this is? Comment section is open for you to guess! How's that for making you mystery readers out there respond??? :)
A trip to Perry--led us to Lane's. YUM!!!! (Part of this trip actually did get blogged about...go here to read it....)
I really enjoyed the peaches--

And the peach tea--
I got to hang out with my flower girl Leah for a little bit--
And a trip to 5 guys is always perfect!

Did I mention we moved this summer--and we had to paint the house before we moved into it? Robert enjoyed this new gadget a little too much!
My fantabulous interns on their last day...thank you all for such a great summer!

Robert and I made it to the beach-for one day-for a few hours-we had to document it--

A new purchase of the summer--thanks mom & dad!
Wedding number 2--picture didn't turn out great dang it--but meet Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Snider. The NEW Mrs. Snider is a fellow blogger friend of mine and well you need to read it. I love it! Click here to read! And well the groom. Love this boy (he graduated the same year Todd did). Love his family. Miss them more than words can fit in this little sceen---
On the eve of their wedding. Quite appropriate, because the morning of their wedding I was in Richmond Hill for Matt. This was in downtown LaGrange.
There was a trip to Richmond Hill for Dad's birthday--Maddie wanted to give him some kisses:
And I cooked him dinner. What's up with pictures of meat?
Remember when Amanda got engaged? I have the honor of being her Matron of Honor---next weekend!!!! And here's us at a shower for her a couple of weekends ago:

The beautiful bride and her beautiful Cadance:
And I got to witness this monumental event with the Walker Family--River's First Haircut! I'm going to wait and post the rest of these pics in a separate blog!

Did I mention it rains EVERY time I go to Richmond Hill? River doesn't seem to mind...
This past weekend we headed up to Cleveland/Helen, Georgia for our Leadership Retreat. We took 35 high school students up to the mountains and had a great weekend! Amelia came to surprise us!

Pictures speak a thousand words:

The end. Thank you for coming along our summer journey with us! So glad September is here! Can we say GGGOOOO DDDAAAWWWGGGGSSSS!!!! :)

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I love me some Dan and Kelli Kite. I am a little jealous that you get to see Kelli so often! Also, love Five Guys too! It is one of my new favorite places!