Monday, October 26, 2009

Whatch you been cookin?

{I tried several times to make that title as incorrect as possible and make it look like what was coming out of my mouth--don't think it really worked, but I hope you got the idea!}

When Google Reader came into my life, it transformed my blog reading--I sometimes get so wrapped up in reading blogs though-I forget to blog on my own. But, one of the blogs I've enjoyed reading is called Kelly's Corner Blog. I especially like on Fridays, she has a series entitled "Show us your life." She puts it on her corner blog-then moves it over to the "Show us your life blog" so that we can all refer back to it today, when there was a recipe I wanted to show you!

The week my parents were here for the transplant, Kelly ran a "Show us your life Dinner Recipes" and I was quite grateful for new ideas! There were over 300 entries to her blog that I'm looking forward to trying a few, but that week I tried her suggestion. We liked it so much, I made it again this weekend and thought I just had to pass it on to all of you. So, if you like chicken and if you like your entire meal to be in one dish, here you go--click here to go directly to it. It's amazing. This is definitely a keeper in our family. Thanks Kelly!

So, to get back to our question of the day, "Whatch you been cookin?"

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