Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where there's a pumpkin....

It will be found!

Last week I was craving....

cooler weather
hot apple cider
leaves changing

And I got in Richmond Hill....

record highs of 91
wearing sun dresses
flip flops
But lot's of celebrating of my little man River
and early celebrating of the number 30
so it made it all worth it

This weekend I got....

40 degrees
leaves changing
left the house with a scarf
had to stop and purchase during our day
a hat and gloves
was grateful I put on my cuddle buds
an apple festival
was thinking of my friend heidi and our
bathroom experience in romania
was going to go hiking
but decided it was too cold...
so we drove to the top of the mountain
found a pumpkin patch
got a pumpkin...two actually
one my size (cost $3), one robert's (cost $7)
came home to our house being 59 degrees.
But it was the PERFECT day
of quality time with my husband.

No worries.
Pictures will come soon I promise.
of both weekends--
and more detailed blogs about both weekends.
But just had to let you know the contrast.
Because I think my body is in culture shock.
Good Night Friends.

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