Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Maddie!

From the snowy evening in November that we went to pick her out, to the day before Christmas Eve, we brought her into our has been a wild roller coaster of a ride with our dear Maddie Rae! And today she turns ONE! Can you believe it!

And here she is today--officially one. I'm pretty sure she's sticking out her tongue on purpose. Maddie has been named the dog with the most personality! :) Which well, fits nicely into our family :)

And well, I think this is how she really felt about us trying to make her a birthday "princess"

For her birthday, she got a day at the "spa" where she got her nails "done" and a massage (aka, bath). She wasn't thrilled about that birthday present--it was more for our benefit. But she did love this one....which she is still enjoying at this current moment:

And well here's a short video, because well, we thought it would be fun....and um, I think the pneumonia has gotten to me...I turned the camera the wrong way--so for now the video is shot vertically--I'll go ahead and post, but when Robert get's home I'll have him look at it and tell me if there is a way to rotate it! Thanks for putting up with me and well letting us share our Maddie's birthday with you! :)


Anonymous said...

Me and the kids have cricks in our necks from watching the video sideways, but we couldn't resist. We LOVE basset hounds! She is so cute! the Kiretas

a cup bearer said...

Happy birthday, Maddie!

Gran Nan

Frances said...

I think you should leave the video the way it is. Nothing you guys do is straight up and down!
Love you, Frances

Amelia said...

I miss Maddie.
Give her some belly rubs for me :)