Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Continued

Last Sunday I wrote a post asking you what you were doing with your November and told you that the next day I would tell you about mine. Well, that next day turned into a week. Sorry about that. I have this little thing in my left lung they call pneumonia. It knocked me off my little 5 and a half feet.

So, what was I saying? Right, about November. Are you guys doing anything special? It seems to be the month for challenges; either that or we're all just getting in shape for new year resolutions. There's "No Shave November" that I convinced my husband not to partake of since he was in the current job market. There is the "101 things in 1001 days" that our dear Amelialaunched on November 1st (you should go check it out here). And if you recall last November I joined the "Blog Every Day For A Month." I'm sure there are a ton of other "challenges" out there that y'all are partaking in, but those are just the ones that came across my radar for November.

Out of the above mentioned there was only one that I considered for longer than a few seconds (sorry for those of you that are not shaving for November and well, I think the 101 things is something I'll do eventually, just not now). I did ponder the blog everyday for November. My first reaction was, I haven't been blogging lately, maybe this is what I need. Then my second reaction was, I don't want to burn myself out. My final conclusion was, as you can tell, I think I'll pass.

And here's my reasoning. Since about August I've been in a let's call it a "season." Really can't explain it or put any words to it, but my reasoning for not blogging was the same reason I passed on a bible study earlier this fall. Now why would the Lord not want me to do a bible study? It was one I've been wanting to do, so why not? The final answer was simplicity. No pressure. And what followed was a few months of just needing the "no pressure." I decided to read a few other books instead, but there was no pressure of homework and I'm pretty sure if there was I probably would have cracked. Bible studies are good. Homework and accountability is good. But there are seasons for everything.

I'm still kinda in that same place. So when the challenge came whether or not to blog everyday, I simply said, no, I'll pass. No seems to be a new word in my vocabulary. One Robert has been trying to teach me for years, but one I'm learning how to use more often now adays. Therefore, instead of blogging daily during the month of November, I've decided to read the book of John. I shared the story with my kids last Sunday as I challenged them to do the same. I told them about a young woman the Lord brought into my life my first year of knowing Him (at the age of 21), by the name of Kristi Kay. When I first came to know Him, I knew nothing about Him. Kristi Kay suggested we read the book of John together that year and over the course of that year and through her discipleship I learned who Jesus is. I learned of His personalities and I learned to hear His heartbeat. I owe a lot to Kristi Kay and her wisdom. She taught me about my Beloved.

Now, here we are 8 years later and I've decided to read the book all the way through again. I think it parallels nicely with what our Body at RiverStone is doing with the Random Acts of Kindness. I want to do random acts of kindness at all times because that's what Jesus did. That's who He is. He is love.

And the picture on the top of this's the necklace my dear husband gave me in September. It was suppose to be a birthday present, but he felt I needed it early for my "season." The necklace is known as the "Be Still Necklace" (by Lisa Leonard) and I wear it daily to remind me to Be Still. There is no pressure. I can say no. I can go a week without blogging. I can sit still. I can tuck away with my Beloved Jesus and rest awhile....and that's okay.


Amelia said...

I've been doing some "catching up" in the blog world.... beginning with reading... working on writing....
I've been thinking about you! Praying for your Health.
i like this one. this blog.

Matt and Sara Beth Stout said...

Well, let's see: I turned 28 a few days ago, I am writing lots of papers, continuing to unpack our new home, and going to Macon for Thanksgiving. This month will probably just slip on by with so much stuff going on.